How to Enjoy the Holiday Season as an Interiorscaper

It seems to me, the older I get…the faster time disappears.  Without a well-planned schedule, those hours and days can vanish right before your eyes.  Chronic, misused time can turn a profitable holiday season — into something only the Grinch would love. Like myself and many people I know, I’ve been guilty of procrastination.  Working […]

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I love a good metaphorical story. In hopes that you do too, I’ll share one that had an important impact on me, providing the wake-up call I neede[...]  » Read More

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Biophilia, a Defining Post-Modern Aes...

We pray for one last landing On the globe that gave us birth Let us rest our eyes on the fleecy skies And the cool green hills of Earth Robert He[...]  » Read More

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Are 4″ or 6″ plants better for living walls? Why do most living green wall systems use 4″ plants? On a few occasions, I’v[...]  » Read More

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