4 Startup Tips for Small Interiorscaping Businesses

Recently there was a post on Interiorscape.com from a newbie interiorscaper asking for advice on starting up a new business. I had already decided to blog about this very topic before I got home and saw her post, so I took this as a sign from the Interiorscape Gods that I was on the right track. No […]

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Can Plants Help Ease Depression?

This time of year is supposed to be one of joy and cheer, spending quality time with love ones. Yet, it also has a high rate of suicides, lonelin[...]  » Read More

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Three Plant Design Tips for Living ...

Developing the plant design is the most rewarding stage of a living wall project.  After all, a green wall is all about the green—the plants! [...]  » Read More

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8 Ways a Supervisor Can Improve You...

Why does supervisor begins with “super?” Because you expect them to do it all!  Am I right? You know I am. So let them do it. I[...]  » Read More

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Moringa oleifera: The Miracl...

Like many Americans, I always took my health for granted. I thought I was tough, immune to disease, and my body invincible. And then I turned thi[...]  » Read More

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