Over-Watering a Big Concern for Indoor Plants

Over-watering is the top cause of dead plants.

Overflow 300x168 Over Watering a Big Concern for Indoor PlantsSuccessful interiorscaping seems to require proper maintenance of the plants, flowers and settings . After the initial job is complete — bringing in plenty of beautiful flowers and plants to sit in the great pots and planters — there is still work to be done.

When you finish implementing your design for the business the ongoing need for maintenance remains. While looking for articles on indoor plants and maintenance I came across an article about the most common cause of dead plants.

From The ‘Inside’ Scoop on Gardening:

The most common cause of houseplants dying is over watering. The rule of thumb has been water once a week. This may work fine for some houseplants, but not all. My houseplant survival rate has been greatly improved with the purchase of a moisture meter. Armed with my watering can, meter and paper towel, I still weekly make the rounds of my houseplants, but check each with the meter before applying water.

This surprised me a bit. Coming from the business side of things I’d have thought not watering would be the number one culprit. My experience in waiting rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and houses is mostly with dry plants. Mine is a small sample size, though. I’m a culprit myself. I had a small plant that sat in my office window for about two years and succumbed to under-watering.

So the question now is – what’s the solution for improper water maintenance by clients?

Over-Watering Solution

It seems watering and caring for indoor plants is an issue for most people. Without the knowledge of proper care methods business owners and managers are left hopeless if left to care for their indoor plant investment by themselves. I’m in this boat as an offender of improper indoor plant care.

There must be a solution.

Metal Planter Office 300x225 Over Watering a Big Concern for Indoor PlantsFrom feedback I’ve received from the interiorscapers it seems a common solution is to suggest a watering maintenance schedule provided by the interiorscapers themselves. It’s a way for businesses to have a worry-free system to keep their landscapes looking clean, fresh and alive. It’s also a way for interiorscapers to add an income stream. Maintaining the plants and surroundings seems to be a way to add a steady stream of revenue. I’d imagine most revenue comes from projects and that can vary. Having steady income from maintenance seems like a good way to keep things on an even keel between and even during projects.

Proper care for office or restaurant plants is important not only for the business building, but for your success as well. The better the landscape does for the business the happier that client will be. Happy clients are more likely to share your information with their business peers. When people ask a business owner or manager about their beautiful interiorscape you’ll want to be at the tip of their tongue as they boast about the great interiorscaper they had.

Let’s not forget about the maintenance for those metal planters. They tend to collect dust, which can cause them to wear out over time. Maintaining beautiful plants and beautiful planters is one of the keys to long lasting success in the interior landscaping business.

It’ll make for a happy client and a happy you as well.

Over-watering… who knew?

New Indoor Folding Garden in China Center

Interiorscaping brings two worlds together.

Changi Airport 300x225 New Indoor Folding Garden in China CenterIt seems businesses and organizations everywhere are realizing the benefits of indoor plants. Managers and owners are starting to understand the benefits of indoor plants for employees. This realization that a indoor plants can provide a fresh environment leading to happier employees and customers all while improving efficiency is leading more to look to the interiorscaping industry for help.

The interiorscaping bug has spread around the world as Chinese business leaders bring their indoor planting tastes to New York for the new China Center in the World Trade Center.

China Center Floral Garden

Check out China Center Unveils Indoor Garden Design for One World Trade Center:

The China Center, the building’s first tenant, unveiled plans Friday to build a vertical Chinese garden through their leased space on the 64th to 69th floors of the still-rising skyscraper.

The design, called “Folding Garden,” includes green walls bursting with native Asian plants lining the building’s winding hallways. The walls are meant to make visitors feel as though they’re meandering through nature, rather than walking through one of the most secure office buildings in the world.

China Center Chairman Feng Lun said in a statement that he wants the design to show people a different view of China than they might find in New York’s Chinatown.

What a great project for New York and what a great story for the interiorscaping industry.

The design of the Folding Garden should be quiet the showcase of the beauty of interior landscaping. The design is already generating positive buzz for the interiorscaping industry.

The designers of the Folding Garden in the China Center in New York are looking to bring a new perspective to the world about what China is about. They want to change the perception people around the world have of China and its people. They are looking to modernize the Chinese way while showing their personal qualities for a high standard of life for all people.

That’s quite the task for an indoor garden, but since the China Center will be such a key piece for future business happenings between China, the US and the world it shows just how important business leaders view interiorscaping.

My guess is the people in charge of the project have researched the impact indoor plants can have in a business setting. Indoor plants clean the air and improve efficiencies of workers in the indoor climate. With so many important meetings expected to take place in the China Center it’s no surprise the managers in charge of the project looked for indoor plants to play a key role in establishing a friendly and healthy environment.

While no one expects miracles to happen it’s not out of the question to think the building’s occupants and visitors will experienced a refreshed indoor setting as a result of the Folding Garden.

It’s great to see the interiorscaping industry on display in one of the world’s largest cities. If business leaders from the US and China understand the importance of indoor plants at such a grand scale there is no doubt smaller businesses in cities all over the US and the world will look to interiorscapers for indoor planting projects.

The future of indoor landscaping looks bright.

Changi Airport image courtesy of thienzieyung

More Plants, Happier Employees

The news keeps coming in – plants are good for business.

Big Indoor Plants More Plants, Happier EmployeesIt seems every week new studies are released about the benefits of indoor plants. The positive vibe around plants and flowers indoors is the air cleaning benefit they have. As a result of the studies and the reaction people are having businesses are starting to take notice. It’s leading to interest in what it takes to have a successful interior lanscape design in offices, restaurants and other business settings.

All the news about the health benefits of indoor plants and flowers should mean good things for interiorscapers. As businesses look to improve efficiency and effectiveness it would seem logical for CEOs and manages to look for creative solutions. Having your business in position to present the benefits of indoor plants and flowers is key for your growth and success.

Here is a little snip from a recent article…

From Plants in a Workplace? Voila!:

Raymond De Young, an environmental psychologist at the University of Michigan, states that, “the more plants in an office, the happier the employees”. On top of that (yes, there’s more) studies have shown that plants in the office help reduce complaints of cough, hoarse throat, and fatigue. Need some figures? Get this. A study conducted by professors in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Washington State University showed that subjects were 12% quicker in reactions on computer tasks with plants present and less stressed (systolic blood pressure lower) than were the control subjects who tested in a room without plants.

That’s some good info right there. It’s great insight to use when having your next discussion with a business decision maker. An interesting point from the quote above is the part about – the more plants, the happier the employees are.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

More Plants, Happier Employees

It seems this could be a point where employers might get weary of indoor plants. We’ve all seen the situations where employees bring in their own plant or flower for the office window or cubicle shelf. These are fine, but as the recent studies are showing – the more plants, the happier the employees.

But where will all these plants go? That’s the questions businesses are asking. And it’s where you come in to provide the answers for their interiorscaping dilemmas. Business managers don’t really know about purchasing wholesale pots and planters. They don’t know how plants should be arranged in their office for the best health benefit and for aesthetically appealing design. This is the situation where an interiorscaper is necessary.

Some managers are going to want you to come in and provide all the direction with just a bit of input from them. Other managers are going to want to be more involved. They’ll probably ask more questions and want more answers to “why?”. It’s good to have information from the recent studies like the ones quoted above in your back pocket for these clients.

In a world where more plants mean happier employees business managers are going to get overwhelmed. It’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage.


It seems to be an exciting time for interiorscapers. What are your recent experiences with business? Are things up or down? Share your experiences in the comments below?

25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Inspiration is a key to success.

I’m a big fan of the Creative Commons license and the photos shared by talented individuals on Flickr. These artists provide their beautiful photography free of charge to anyone with a website with the correct attribution. And I have every reason to give credit where it’s due and in the case of great artists, photographers and designers.

To change the pace here on ProScape I thought it’d be interesting and hopefully inspiring to look at 25 beautiful photos from Flickr’s Creative Commons collection of indoor plant and flower designs.

Feel free to leave comments on any of your favorites or those you may not like very much. I’ll try to provide a sentence or two about the ones that stand out the most for me.

25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Photos

1. Beautiful Green Glow

Beautiful Green Glow 247x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Blue Sky 4691

I thought the above photo had a beautiful green glow. It brought out the natural texture of the leaf well and the inner part of the plant is unique and interesting. A very well done photo of a common indoor plant.

2. Crisp White

Crisp White 300x199 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

:: Nicolas ::

3. Reddish Orange

Redish Orange 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


4. Black and Silver

Black and Silver 300x199 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

:: Nicolas ::

5. Tall and Green

Tall and Green 225x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Ted Percival

Even though this plant appears against the backdrop of a simple white wall I thought the angle of the photo made it appear tall and graceful in a way. It’s a great and dramatic indoor plant example.

6. White Flower

White Flower Indoor 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


I like the white flowers on this plant. Plus it’s a unique way to look at how the indoor plant appears against the outdoor elements including the flowers and I think herbs growing outside.

7. Bright Red

Bright Red 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


8. Close Up Red

Close Up Red 300x199 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


9. Dramatic Residential

Dramatic Residential 225x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


Plants are good for the house too. Even an office waiting area would look good like this.

10. Classic Charm

Classic Charm 172x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


Even the simple classic stand can be the perfect setting for classic indoor plants.

11. Casual Setting

Casual Setting 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


A welcoming sight to an office space. Those are some big plants with big planters.

12. Sunlight Green

Sunlight Green 300x199 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

KLPA (Joshua Kulpa)

13. Big Green Leaves

Big Gree Leaves 225x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


14. Bamboo Fun

bamboo 300x223 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images








15. Fresh Air Stairway

Fresh Air Stairway 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


A great design for an indoor pathway.

16. Window Plant

Window Plant 200x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


17. Fresh and Contemporary

Fresh and Contemporary 300x188 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Mirage floors

This is just a really cool layout for a space. You can notice the wide planters in the back left. Kind of like the Wide Orchid Bowl Planter.

18. Simple Office Space

Simple Office Space 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


19. Airport Garden

Airport Garden 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


20. Beautiful Greenhouse

Beautiful Greenhouse 225x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


21. Hanging Beauty

Haning Beauty 300x225 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


22. Foggy Window

Foggy Window 300x240 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


23. Yellow Shadow

Yellow Shadow 300x178 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Keo 101

I reather liked the lighting for this photo even though I can’t tell the type of plant.

24. Entryway

Entryway 300x200 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images


25. Rainy Window

Rainy Window 199x300 25 Beautiful Indoor Plant Design Images

Phillip C

Finally we have an indoor office plant set against the rainy window of what appears to be a high rise. Hopefully this plant is serving as a great visual piece in the office as well as providing fresh air for the office occupant.