Peperomia an Ideal Indoor Plant

Peperomia is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It offers thick, lush foliage with very few care needs. The plant can wind and spill over pots and is an ideal foliage filler for locations that may not support other plants. Peperomia is an effortless option for indoor landscapes.

Native to southern Florida, the Caribbean and parts of South America, peperomia is only hardy in USDA zones 10-12. In most places it is grown as a houseplant. There are many different species and cultivars of peperomia and each has very distinct characteristics and growth habit. Continue reading

Growing a Cottage Garden in Containers

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A cottage garden full of wild blooms and foliage.

Cottage gardens were the unruly and functional response to traditional English formal gardens found on the grounds of wealthy estates. Instead of manicured shrubs, lawns and brilliantly colored annuals the cottage garden incorporated vegetables, herbs, hardy perennials and old fashioned roses. Over time the charm of cottage gardens has caught on and many landscapers choose to use the style of a cottage garden in their modern settings. Continue reading

3 Easy Bromeliads for Indoor Landscapes

Bromeliads are a popular indoor plant choice. They are exotic looking tropical plants that are known for their bright colors and lush foliage. Most bromeliads are fairly easy to care for, making them ideal for indoor landscapes. There are thousands of species and cultivars in this broad family of plants. Here are three that require very little care, are easy to find, and are sure to add pizzazz to any plantscaping design. Continue reading

How to Landscape with a Pergola

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Fast growing vines provide shade to outdoor sitting spaces.

A pergola is a structure that is somewhere in between an arbor and a gazebo. It has much more substance than an arbor, but is architecturally distinct from a gazebo. Typically pergolas have several posts that hold up slats with wide spaces between them which form the “roof.” These can cover a broad amount of space or simply a corner. Ideally, the pergola is used to support vining plants that will provide shade and charm in an outdoor space. Continue reading

6 Plants That Will Thrive Near A Water Feature 

A pond, waterfall, or even small stream can be a beautiful addition to any landscape, but they present special challenges when trying to coordinate plants that will grow well in or near them. As you plan your water feature area, keep in mind that you will need to use plants that thrive in moist environments. Here are a few of the best plants for growing near a water feature. Continue reading