Green Wall Roll Call: What Systems Are Out There?

If you like to stay current on interior landscape trends, you have probably received a pretty decent introduction to green walls by now. Maybe a client brought them to your attention. Perhaps a colleague brought you up to speed. Maybe a forum or blog, like this one, has enlightened you. Or perhaps a green wall […]

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Smartphones & Plants: The Advant...

Do you remember a time when your cell phone had one use?  My first mobile phone felt like I was carrying around a brick. It was heavy and bulky. [...]  » Read More

Smartphones & Plants: The Advantages of Mixing the Two Featured Image

What the WELL Building Standard Means...

I am in the Cleveland airport reflecting on my last few days. Once again, I am thrilled about the future of our industry. I spent 2 days in a tra[...]  » Read More

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5 Ways Interiorscapers Can Think Gree...

This maybe horticulture profiling, but I’m going to say it anyway.  People like myself, in the foliage and flower industry, are naturally incline[...]  » Read More

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Living Green Walls & Selling Bio...

Humans are disconnected from nature now more than ever.  About 80% of the United States population lives in urban and suburban areas. On top of t[...]  » Read More

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