The Basics of Bonsai

Bonsai is an ancient art form that comes out of Japan. However, its very first origins can be traced back to China. The popularity of bonsai in the United States began during the World War II era. The term Bonsai refers specifically to the type of container the trees are grown in, a small tray or dish. The art of bonsai is practiced with the intent of invoking meditation for the viewer and serenity and skill in cultivation for the grower. Continue reading

Herb Walls: A Fresh Take on the Living Wall

herb wall 300x300 Herb Walls: A Fresh Take on the Living Wall

Indoor herb walls act as living art.

Green walls are attractive and conjure images of healthy and verdant living. An edible green wall takes these ideas a step further. Imagine your clients with large herb walls in dining rooms, waiting areas, outdoor patios and atriums.
Not only will customers love the idea of the fresh herbs being used in their dishes, but their appetites will also be whetted by the enticing aroma of fresh herbs. There are endless possibilities for creating herb walls for both commercial and residential settings. Continue reading

4 New Ideas for Pansies

pansies 300x227 4 New Ideas for Pansies

Pansies are a bright addition to any container.

Pansies are a classic springtime flower. They are perfect for containers as the weather starts to warm up and the days get just a little longer. They add a splash of color while withstanding a few cold spells. Get them out early because they will wither as soon as summer temperatures hit.

While pansies are an old spring time standard, here a four fresh new ideas for displaying pansies that are anything but common: Continue reading

Ming Aralia: A Unique Indoor Tree

Are you looking for an alternative to palm or ficus trees to grow indoors? Are you ready for a unique alternative to the usual indoor trees? Ming aralia is the perfect plant for you. Continue reading

How to Use Lobelia in Spring Container Arrangements

It is never to early to get started designing your spring outdoor container arrangements. You can ward off the cold by dreaming of your brightly colored containers that will emerge when the sun returns.

As you plan your containers, a little research will help you find the best plants for the location of your containers. Lobelia is a beautiful, prolific plant that thrives in cooler weather. Consider using one of the many varieties in your containers this spring. Continue reading