10 Things To Do Now To Survive The Holidays

Shortly after October is over many interior landscape clients will be ready to get their holiday displays out. You still have a few weeks to make sure you are prepared for the holiday rush.

Use the short lull prior to the holiday season to make sure you have everything in order. When your holiday installations run smoothly, you will have more time to enjoy the season yourself!

1) Take Inventory

Knowing what you have in stock in terms of decorations, containers, and plants will help your holiday ordering go quickly.

2) Meet With Clients

Don’t assume your clients will want exactly the same thing they had last year. Take time to meet or at least call them to firm up the details surrounding their holiday displays. This will help to eliminate any last minute changes to your plans.

3) Update Your Portfolio

Having fresh pictures of creative holiday displays can help you draw in new clients and spark ideas for returning clients. Don’t forget to take photos of this year’s displays as you install them.

4) Check in with Suppliers

Holiday Poinsettias

Poinsettias, the traditional holiday display.

Communicate with your suppliers and find out when the best time to place your holiday orders are. Some suppliers offer discounts when you order early. Other suppliers may offer last minute deals to deplete inventory. Double check how far in advance you need to place your orders for supplies to arrive in time for installations. Iron out all the details now so there will be fewer surprises during the busy holiday season.

5) Plan Out Your Installation Schedule

Knowing your schedule well in advance will help you prepare the supplies and materials you will need. It will also give your clients confidence about when they can expect their holiday displays to be installed.

6) Hire Extra Staff

If you need added staff for the holiday rush, start recruiting now. It takes time to find the right employees, even when they are temporary. It also takes time to work out all the paper work. The less time you have to spend on these tasks, the more time you can give to your clients. Employees should relieve stress, not add to it.

7) Market Event Rentals

The holidays are always time for gatherings and celebrations. There are business parties, fundraisers, and other holiday events that are perfect for decorating with live plants. Market your plant rental services now so that event planners are aware of the benefits of using live plants in their decorating. These event coordinators are already working on holiday parties, so get in touch with them now.

8) Write Holiday Cards

It is a nice gesture to send clients a card around the holidays to let them know you appreciate their business and wish them a happy holiday season. However, because the holidays are your busiest time of year and it can be impossible to find time to write these cards, plan ahead. Write the cards now while you have time, address them, and even put the stamps on. Then all you have to do is drop them in the mail when it is closer to the season.

9) Plan Your Staff Holiday Party

At the end of the year your staff has worked hard to help you pull off another holiday season. Reward them and build morale and camaraderie among your team by throwing a holiday party. It can be in January or later after things calm down a bit, but plan it now when you are not exhausted. Then you can have a great party that lets your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work.

10) Plan Time to Rest

Plan time now to rest and do your favorite things over the holidays. If you write it down in your schedule, you are more likely to do it, even when things get hectic. Reserving some time for your family or your favorite activities will help you feel less stress during this busy time.

You may have already checked some of these items off of your to-do list. If not, there is still time. The holidays may be an interior landscaper’s busiest time of year, but it can also be the most enjoyable.


What do you think are the best ways to prepare your interior landscape business for the holiday rush?



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Image: Poinsettia by Emi Yanez
Featured image by rosipaw via https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosipaw/5277920946/

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