18 Interiorscape Websites You Should Bookmark Right Now

Finding great interiorscape-related info online isn’t always as easy as you might hope. We’re such a tiny fragment of the green industry that our specific needs often get relegated to the back pages of the internet.

Over the years, I’ve hunted down and treasured a number of terrific interiorscape websites that you’ll surely find as useful and inspiring as I do, so I thought I’d share some of the best here.

For multi-faceted information and product resources, you really can’t beat our hosts at NewPro Containers. In addition to all the staples…decorative containers, accessories, supplies and tools…the folks at NewPro also sponsor a lively discussion forum at Interiorscape.com, this ongoing blog featuring a diverse group of contributors writing about all things interiorscaping, and a Facebook page designed to optimize real-time communication among ‘scapers. You’ll also find ‘scaper-targeted information at Kathy Fediw’s e-magazine I-Plants and yet another interactive forum at Steve Foster’s GreenChat. Whether you’re a novice or an old pro, you’ll learn something new every day on these websites.

If you’re looking for that certain something in the plant department, there’s no better resource than John Mendozza’s Morning Dew Tropical Plants site, a virtual compendium of tropical plant photos from A (Acalypha) to Z (Zamioculcas). As a virtual shopping and sourcing guide, John’s gallery of top-quality Florida foliage and flowering plants has no equal, and his reputation as the premier plant broker in the Sunshine State is well-deserved. There are two other, lesser-known gems where creative interiorscapers can find inspiration, especially for those “zebra” projects that demand the rare and unusual. TopTropicals is a specialist in tropical fruiting and flowering plants and trees. Their collection spans a multitude of varieties that can be kept in containers as well as larger-growing specimens. I’ll guarantee you’ll discover at least a dozen gorgeous exotics you’ve never seen or heard of before at their eye-popping online store. And visit the website of Glasshouseworks, an Ohio nursery renowned for its dazzling collection of tropicals, succulents, annuals and perennials, including their specialties – variegated cultivars of all sorts of plants – and countless unique and colorful varieties of Coleus for container plantings.

In addition to NewPro, there are two other interiorscape-friendly sources worth surfing to: Allied Molded Products, Inc., a manufacturer of quality fiberglass planters in just about every imaginable shape, size and finish located in Palmetto, Florida; and Tournesol Siteworks, a California-based company whose products include the well-known CWI subirrigation line, but also a wide range of site furnishings, architectural planters and greenwall systems for interior and exterior use. Both are quality vendors with great customer service and worth a virtual visit to check out their wares.

To help your clients and prospects in the plant selection process, even the most modern plantscaper appreciates the old-school benefits of a leave-behind brochure. Luhr Landscape Images publishes three versions of their affordable, customizable, full-color, glossy plant selection guides and related marketing materials that we’ve used for years. Owner John Kruzshak is a veteran interiorscaper who knows the territory from our vantage point, and his company’s publications have become a client staple for our company.

If it’s replica foliage and holiday décor that float your boat, there’s no more comprehensive online source than Autograph Foliages. Visit their website to peruse their myriad offerings, from mega-sized artificial Christmas trees and ornaments to “silk” foliage and flowering plants and trees to Polyblend replica outdoor shrubbery and more (you can even buy cell tower foliage to camouflage the neighborhood eyesore).

Looking for the answer to a tricky plant-related question? Be it pest problems, diseases, environmental issues, fertilization or cultivar-specific information, you’ll probably find the answers at two excellent university sites that I’ve used for many years. The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences maintains a website chock full of pertinent info about foliage plants and their care and feeding. And North Carolina State University features loads of interiorscape-specific resources on its website, including a primer on Integrated Pest Management practices for the interiorscape.

If biocontrols are your thing, get educated and motivated to use beneficials at Greenmethods.com. You’ll find tons of excellent information about pests and their life cycles, alternative pest control methods, Integrated Pest Management and much more. As a leading provider of biocontrol organisms and accessories, Greenmethods is qualified both to inform you about and supply solutions to your most vexing “bug problems”.

And finally, there’s a website I’ve used a lot over the past several years, mostly as a consequence of the untimely demise of some of my favorite old websites, chiefly the original Interiorscape.com and its discussion forum ‘ScaperTalk, now both run by NewPro Containers. It’s called “The Wayback Machine”, a clever archive of just about every website and web page (some 452 billion to date) ever hosted on the internet. You can literally travel back in time and view a page or article that no longer exists online on a current website.

So with early spring showers likely closing in on your neck of the woods, it might be a good time to pour a mug of hot cocoa and cuddle up with your laptop, tablet, or computer and do some virtual traveling in search of that product or info you’ve been after. At least until the power and wi-fi go out. Happy surfing!

Clem Cirelli, Jr. is a career horticulturist and interiorscaper at Belmont Greenhouses in Belle Mead, New Jersey, with over thirty-five years' experience in all segments of the green industry. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Rutgers University, has written for Interiorscape Magazine, has spoken at TPIE and the Mid-Atlantic Interior Landscape Conference, and contributes regularly to the industry forums, Interiorscape.com and GreenChat.

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