2014 Marketing Trends for Landscape Professionals


The beginning of a new year is a great time to evaluate your interior landscaping business strategies. One of those very important business strategies is marketing.

Marketing is constantly evolving as trends and technology change. If you want to connect with interior landscaping clients, you need to make sure your marketing strategies are up to date.

Here are a few marketing trends that you can use for 2014:

Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are relying on smart phones or tablets to get their information. If you haven’t already included strategies to target mobile device users, you are losing out on a significant audience. Making sure your emails and website are mobile friendly is a great place to start.

Content Marketing

An article from Forbes predicts that content marketing will be even more of a major player in 2014. Crafting articles and e-books that pertain to the interior landscaping industry will help draw in clients and showcase your expertise in the field. Whether you use newsletters or regular blog posts, find ways to engage your target market and offer valuable information.

Images and Infographics

Images are what draw people in. In the interior landscape industry, you are often selling aesthetics. You will be more interesting and appealing to prospective clients when you convey your ideas through images. Pictures easily grab people’s attention and require little time investment from your audience. Infographics are also becoming a popular, fun, visual way to convey useful information. Ideas such as the cost benefits of including interior landscaping in a business are perfect for displaying in an infographic. Video is expected to also become increasingly significant in 2014. This goes hand in hand with content marketing. Create video that is helpful and valuable for your prospective clients.

Broadening Social Media

Social Media FlowersSocial media continues to expand and grow. Pinterest has gained significant ground and many other niche sites are now available. You will have to do some research and discover where your target market is participating. Use the start of 2014 to make a plan that will use the ever increasing social media popularity to your advantage. Don’t just jump in blindly, but make a strategy as you would for any other component of your business.

New For You in 2014

These trends are just a few of many strategies that you can take advantage of in the coming year. Now is a great time to review your marketing strategy and make sure it is inline with current marketing trends. There will always be a place for traditional advertising but consider branching out and trying something new. Discover how to connect with your prospective clients in more meaningful ways.


What marketing trends worked for your interior landscape business last year in 2013? What new strategies are you excited to try in 2014?


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