What’s New at NewPro: 2020 Catalogs Now Available

At NewPro, we embrace the changing needs of our clients. As our clients grow, we’re proud to offer expanded inventory options paired with the same quality customer service.

We’re excited to announce that our 2020 catalogs are now available, and wanted to take a moment to highlight some key additions.

Download or request a physical copy to see our selection of planters, planter accessories and supplies.

More Custom-Painted Planter Options 

Tall tapered planters in custom paint colors like gloss eggplant, gloss tangerine, and satin sea foam
A selection of planters painted in custom colors

Our expanded custom-painted planter options means more possibilities and creativity are available for your designs.

Enjoy a wider selection of new planter shapes and sizes painted in nearly any desired color.

Find Similar Planters, Faster

image of a cube and column collection of planters with a variety of tall square planters, and short square planters
Cube and Column Planter Collection

We’ve grouped a selection of our fiberglass planters into collections to make it easy to find planters with the ideal shape and dimensions needed for a design. Find the planter size you need faster without flipping through listings.

Your Favorites In New Finishes

round metallic planters in rose gold, ruby red, and emerald green
Vista planters with new metallic finishes

Select Vista planters have new metallic finishes such as rose gold, polished emerald green and polished ruby. They’re perfect as an alternative to holiday speed covers or just for adding a bit of shine to a design.

low round planter in matte white
Matte White PotLuck Planter

For a more muted finish, our PotLuck planters also have new matte white options.

Refreshed Accessories and Supplies

We’ve brought back some useful favorites and acquired some new attractive options. 

Image of a nylon tool belt with an apron-style tool pouch
Executive Pocket Carrier

The long-awaited Executive Pocket Carriers are back in stock, and are ready to help you keep track of your tools.

Image of drip catching mat with plant in a planter on top
Drip Catcher Mat

To help keep floors safe from excess soil and water, consider laying down a few drip catcher mats in your work area.

Add a brighter finish to an installation with grass green moss. Use as a top dressing, or include it as part of a moss wall for a rich, vibrant feel.

image of green grass reindeer moss
Green Grass Moss

All of these expanded options are available because of your feedback. As a partner to your business, we value hearing about ways we can improve our offerings. 

You make it possible for us to do what we do, and we are so grateful. Enjoy the 2020 catalog and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Jeremy is the owner and CEO of NewPro Containers, publisher of Modern Plantscaper Magazine, and co-founder of Relevance.com, a content promotion and distribution services company. Jeremy sits on the national board of Green Plants for Green Buildings. He is a graduate of Purdue University

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