3 Online Marketing Tactics Every Interiorscaper Should Use

The internet continues to rapidly change the way we share and gather information. Online marketing has become more important than ever with an increasing number of consumers turning to social media and mobile search to research companies, products, and prices prior to purchase.

Here are three online marketing tactics that will help you stand out from the competition.

1. Generate Your Own Content

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If you want to give your business a boost, you need to create a company blog. You don’t have to write a post everyday or even every week, but you do need to generate relevant and helpful resources for your followers on a regular basis. Blogging can help establish you and your company as industry experts and further strengthen your brand. Create “how-to” content, help solve industry problems, or simply educate your audience on industry related topics. Infographics and guides are a great addition to your traditional blog posts. Both are highly visual ways of displaying content. They are generally concise and easily understood by your audience.

A vast blog following is not something that is achieved overnight. It is something that is earned through hard work and effort. Don’t give up and remember that not all content is created equal. You need to provide valuable content to keep readers interested. Unsure of what to write about? Try soliciting your service and sales employees for ideas. Afterall, they are the ones interacting with your customers every day.

2. Share The Latest Industry News

Don’t feel like you have to create all the content you share on your social media platforms. In fact, you shouldn’t. Sharing a wealth of valuable industry related information not only helps establish you and your company as a “go-to” resource but also conveys that you understand what information is important to your customers. Even if you find that you are not an expert on some of the topics you share, through the simple process of vetting information, you’ll absorb that information and increase your knowledge on that particular topic. Before sharing other content, it is important to first make sure that it was created by a trusted source and it falls in line with and supports your created content.

In addition to establishing yourself as a resource for your customers, sharing content generated by other sources may grant you access to important and influential thought-leaders in your space. Generously sharing other people’s content can lead to conversation and potential co-marketing opportunities down the road.

3. Get INVOLVED with image based social media

People are drawn to pictures…so much so that 90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual. This is why pictures show up larger and more often in Facebook news feeds and tend to generate more interaction in the form of likes, comments, and shares. However, with recent changes to Facebook business pages, it has become harder to show up in your fan’s news feed without advertising on the site.

This is where image driven social media sites such as Pinterest enter. Through the strategic use of graphics, Pinterest can help you create or increase brand recognition, expand your audience reach, and drive more traffic to your site. For ideas on what kinds of boards or content to pin, check out our Pinterest boards here.

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In an industry as visual as ours, the prominence of images in marketing is good news. Start capturing before and after pictures of your installations, show off the beautiful plants you so proudly care for, and showcase your unique holiday decorations. Then use those pictures to captivate your audience.

These three marketing tactics take advantage of what the internet already has to offer. Using them can help engage your audience and draw attention to your interiorscaping business. As you use these tactics, be sure you are supplying your target market with valuable, relevant information and not just fluff. Target your efforts on helping others, whether that means providing inspiration, solving problems, or educating.




We are 90% Visual Being.” Ernesto Olivares 

Melanie is a plant enthusiast and expert contributor at Bromeliads.info and OrchidPlantCare.info. Melanie's experience in internet marketing, business management, and horticulture allows her to bring a unique perspective to the community. Melanie received a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and is the Marketing Director at NewPro Containers.

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