5 Places that Benefit from Interior Landscaping

As an interior landscaper you want to seek out as many different types of clients as you can. It is important that you are aware of all the places that benefit from interior landscaping. You must also be able to communicate to potential clients how their space will be improved with interior landscaping.

Discussed below are the specific benefits for five types of locations that will be improved with interior landscaping.


Airports are filled with harried travelers. Chances are, at least one person is feeling frustrated or impatient at every moment. Many travelers find themselves stuck inside airports for long periods of time with no ability to get fresh air between flights.

Interior landscaping can provide a calming force in a busy airport. Lush greenery can help an antsy traveler to relax. While a few well placed plants will help, some airports have undertaken massive green wall and interiorscape projects to improve air quality and traveler morale.

Office Complexes

Business owners may be tempted to install high quality interior landscapes in reception and meeting areas where they will interact with clients. However, employee exposure to indoor plants is beneficial to their bottom line as well.

Studies have shown that exposure to indoor plants improves productivity, accuracy, health, and morale. Making sure employees are happy and healthy will ultimately improve profits and cut losses, such as sick days and employee turnover. Well managed plants in office and cubicle spaces are always worth the investment.

Hotel Lobbies

Encore at Las Vegas

Plantscape at Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Hotel lobbies host some of the same worn out travelers that have been through airports. Interior landscaping is an excellent way to welcome these travelers and help them feel relaxed and at home. Indoor plants can help curb anxiety. Help clients make hotels feel like pleasant getaways rather than industrial chains by adding unique, welcoming plantscapes.

Model Homes

Interior plants help houses feel more homey. Help realtors sell property when you make their model homes stand out with indoor plants. These plants can help the space feel more complete and therefore more appealing to potential buyers.

Sweeten the deal for realtors by offering short term leases on attractive indoor plants or outdoor planters. That way they only need to commit to your service for the amount of time the house is showing and they will always have access to attractive and well kept plants.

Show realtors how interior landscaping can make their job easier.


Hospitals are in the business of helping people feel well. Plants are an excellent way to speed up recovery time and help visitors relax. Indoor plants can also improve employee morale and boost energy for those working long shifts.

Plants can make an otherwise scary place more pleasant and inviting. Increased recovery time is also good for the hospital’s reputation and ultimately finances. Help patients, visitors, and employees find refuge from the stark and sterile environment of hospitals by providing areas of lush plant life.

Transforming Interior Landscapes

These are just five types of places which will benefit from plant life that can jump start your creativity.


 What other places benefit from interior landscaping? What places have you seen transformed and improved by adding indoor plant arrangements?



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