5 Spring Events You Won’t Want to Miss

May and June are incredibly popular times to commemorate events. Both individuals and institutions host a variety of events during this season. Be prepared to show potential clients how these events will benefit from living plant arrangements.

Live plants will brighten up and add sophistication to any spring event. Here are five events that take place during the spring which will be transformed by well placed living plants.


Universities and high schools hold graduation ceremonies throughout May and June. Most of these ceremonies include raised stages as well as a pathway for graduates to walk. Live plants can hide unsightly metal staging, highlight pathways, and complement podiums. Consider simple cast iron plants or peace lilies for these stately events.


Oncidium Sharry Baby 'sweet fragrance'High school prom is the quintessential marker of spring. Proms are often decorated with floral arrangements, but would also be an excellent setting for live, reusable plants. Encourage committees and school officials to think of the environmental benefits of renting live plants rather than buying single use floral arrangements. Tropical orchids would make festive and colorful arrangements for these events.


Bromeliad WeddingThe wedding season often begins as early as March, but May and June are very popular months for this big life event. Brides and grooms want to create a memorable event and using live plants instead of floral arrangements can make a lasting impression. Whether the arrangements are for the ceremony or the reception, live plants are sure to have a stunning impact. Consider bromeliads for tabletop arrangements and peace lilies for floor space. You could even consider crafting a living succulent bouquet for the bride!

Award Ceremonies

While summer approaches, people seek to honor achievements made throughout the previous year. Whether it is a sports season coming to an end or committees, clubs, and other civic organizations’ award ceremony, stages can be adorned with stately European fan palms or intricately trained ficus trees. In addition, head tables can be decorated with small bromeliad arrangements.


Large, nonprofit organizations try to take advantage of the last days before summer by hosting elaborate balls, silent auctions, and other fun events. Conference rooms that are otherwise stuffy can be brightened with live plants. Indoor arbors or trellises with trailing plants such as English ivy will transform dull spaces and help direct traffic.

Marketing Event Rental

Event rental can be a very significant part of an interior landscaping business. Be aware of the spring events happening in your community. Note who is in charge of planning these events and contact them directly. Present specific ideas for how you can make their event even better by providing your services.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Many of the plans for these events are well underway and you don’t want to miss the chance to make your impression. Remember to include live plant rental for events in your marketing strategies for every season.

What events have you seen benefit from live plant rental? What are your favorite plants to use for these events?



Featured image by Dave Herholz via https://www.flickr.com/photos/dherholz/528993812/

Melanie is a plant enthusiast and expert contributor at Bromeliads.info and OrchidPlantCare.info. Melanie's experience in internet marketing, business management, and horticulture allows her to bring a unique perspective to the community. Melanie received a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and is the Marketing Director at NewPro Containers.

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