5 Tips for Healthier Orchid Arrangements

Orchids are one of the most commonly used plants for indoor landscape arrangements. They are simple and attractive. Orchids are often used to add color to reception areas, desks, and coffee tables. While some varieties are fairly easy to care for, there are a few tips you should follow to maintain healthy and beautiful orchids.

1) Use Room Temperature Water

It can be difficult and time consuming to wait for water to become room temperature. However, your orchids will stay healthier when the temperature of the water is the same as the air temperature around the plant. You can avoid shock and the plant can better absorb the moisture if the water has adjusted to room temperature.

2) Water in The Morning

Orchids are prone to rot. If excess water is left on the leaves or in the crown of the plant during the night, rot may begin to destroy the plant. Water the plant early in the morning so that it will have plenty of time to dry before night falls. In addition to watering in the mornings, take care to not overwater the plant. Most orchids need to dry out almost completely between waterings.

3) Use Cinnamon as a Fungicide

Be sure to pre-treat your orchid with cinnamon. When removing a flower spike, be sure to apply cinnamon to the cut area to prevent fungus growth. Cinnamon is not only a natural fungicide, it smells great too.

4) Do Not Fertilize Damaged Plants

It may be tempting to use fertilizer to try and nurse a sick plant back to health. Unfortunately, fertilizer will only cause more damage. Fertilizer is especially hard on damaged roots. Nurse your plant back to health and when it begins to show signs of normal growth, add fertilizer. Never add more fertilizer than is recommended on the instructions.

5) Polish Leaves With Pokon Leafshine

Has your orchid’s leaves become dingy and water stained? Use Pokon Leafshine to polish the leaves and bring back their beautiful shine. When using Pokon, take care to only spray the top of a leaf. Orchids breaths through stomata on the bottom of their leaves and will suffocate if those stomata become clogged. Using a clean paper towel to cover the crown of the plant as you apply the spray will also help keep it from pooling there and becoming a problem.

Sharing Unique Tips

These five tips can help your orchid arrangements look exceptional. If you do not provide routine maintenance for your installations, furnish your clients with information about how they can keep their orchids healthy.

Do you have any unique tips for healthy orchid plants? 

Image: “Orchids (explored)” by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ

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