6 Business Planning Steps to Closeout 2010 and Prepare for 2011

For Interiorscapers who throw themselves and their employees headlong into the holiday season – you might not have “Reviewing Goals for 2011” at the top of the “TO DO” list at the moment.

Plan for tomorrow TODAY!

But I bet it has crossed your mind several times this quarter. Not surprisingly there is a chorus of respected business leaders, advisors and bloggers preaching a review of 2010 before 2011 begins. This blog post is an attempt to put together an aggregate of common-sense steps companies like yours can take to finish 2010 to position themselves for a 2011 many believe will exist in calmer seas.

Step 1: Look back at your objectives for 2010
How many did you achieve? How many are incomplete? Think about where your business is today and decide which objectives are going to be a priority for you in 2011. The most important thing, many advisors say, is make sure they are achievable and not “wish-come-true” hopes. If you don’t set goals, you can’t measure your success.

Step 2: ID some realistic marketing opportunities
When you look at the customers you’ve reached and the relationships you’ve established with your interiorscape services, are you satisfied with where you are? Are there some accounts that have untapped potential? Planning for 2011 means paying attention to what did work in 2010.

Step 3: Take a close look at the people you have around you
Identify mentors, advisors and potential partners as well as those employees who are driving your company’s success. Who took that extra effort to improve an account without being prodded? WIll adding employees allow for increased business? Do you have excess personnel?

Step 4: Review your website
Honestly ask yourself if your website is really working hard for you? Is it as informative as your customers need it to be? Does it represent your business accurately? If you think the word analytics is some dreadful skin disease and not a way to measure your website activity, perhaps it’s time to take a class.

Step 5: Listen to your customers
Before you move on to next year, review all of the positive and negative feedback your customers gave you. Perhaps they’ve been speaking to you loud and clear, so have you been listening? The best way you can prepare for the new year is by figuring out how to give your customers more of what they actually want.

Step 6: Year-End Tax Strategies
There is still time to implement year-end tax strategies for your business. Be sure to consult your tax advisor.

What did you do that worked well in 2010? What did a customer say that will cause you to change the way you operate in 2011? Please leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” box.

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  1. ppi claims says:

    For me its always to decide on what the finish looks like for your goals and then do project plans and cash forecasts down to the month so you can keep track of progress.


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