6 Questions That Will Help You Keep Your Customers

Do you spend more time going after new customers or trying to keep those who currently enjoy your Interiorscape services? Here are six easy questions to ask that can allow you to deploy low-cost strategies that remind customers of your value.

1. How much is each customer worth?
A great way to inspire an increase in sales to existing customers is to see how much your biggest and/or best customers have contributed to your bottom line.

2. Of the services I offer – what’s most important to my customers?
The best way to find out is to get on the phone or schedule a meeting with a handful of your best customers and simply ask what is the most important service you offer on which they rely. Make sure to listen not just to WHAT you provide, but HOW you provide it.

3. Are my employees involved in communicating with customers?
Interiorscaping can be a very visible service if you and your employees engage with your client when you stop by for a service visit. Remind them of what you do and why you do it by just checking in and having a conversation.

4. Have I organized my clients into customer levels such as “basic,” “important” and “critical?”
The most profitable customers are the ones who purchase across the service offering. Yet, many of us have customers who purchase just one or two services – when they might actually have a need for (but not know about) others.

5. Have I created a virtual “Board of Directors?”
A paid board of directors for small Interiorscape companies is not feasible, but you can create a casual group of customers of whose opinions you trust. Instead of wondering what new products or services would be of most interest, get them involved in the development process trying ideas. For those who participate, reward them somehow.

6. Do I offer “easter eggs” or unexpected gifts?
A surprise each month such as a free service for which you regularly charge or maybe an unexpected plant and pot keeps the customer engaged. This is tough to offer to every customer, but what about those you identified from Question 1 or 4? “What will (you) offer next time?” is a good question to be on the mind of key customers because it keeps them engaged.

This is a short list of questions you can ask about your customers. But you’re our customer too! What can we do to improve our service or products here at NewPro?

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4 responses to “6 Questions That Will Help You Keep Your Customers”

  1. Rod Warden says:

    Who is the picture of? Will y’all be in Florida in January for T-pie?

  2. Mike Magan says:


    Thanks for the response. The photo is of a mysterious women wondering to herself “How can I keep clients?” I found her on a royalty-free image CD we have!

    It does not look like at this time we will have a presence at TPIE. But thanks for asking. Do you think we should? Why or Why not? Will you be there?

  3. “Remind them of what you do and why you do it by just checking in and having a conversation.”
    Do you have advice on how to get them to “shut up and work” as well!! 😉

    Of course you are speaking of “constructive conversations”

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