Christmas Already?

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Many of us groan when we see holiday displays beating Halloween and Thanksgiving to the floors of retail stores. It feels as if they arrive earlier and earlier every year. You may not be ready to think about December and all the joy and stress it will bring, but the more you plan ahead now the less stress you will have as you seek to bring your clients the most spirited holiday displays. It is never too early to start planning. According to Forbes, Macy’s begins planning their famous New York City store Christmas window displays a year in advance.

Christmas Retail Business

According to, some retail businesses start their Christmas campaigns as early as November 1st and:

“2010 pre-Christmas sales were $584.3 billion”

If your clients are in the retail industry they will most likely want to get a jump on pre-Christmas sales. One way to do this is to create the cheery and nostalgic look of Christmas well in advance. It is important to sit down with your clients and plan ahead to determine what is most important to them in their Christmas displays and where they want to draw the attention of their customers.

What do you need?

Once you have decided on the needs of your clients you will need to determine the supplies and plants you must have to meet those needs. Will the display include lights? Do they want trees? Will the trees be live or artificial? What care considerations do you need to take for live plants? Will plantscapes that are currently in containers need to be replaced with winter appropriate materials? It will help you tremendously if you take into account everything that you already have for displays and everything you will need to order. Be sure you look now to see when items must be ordered to receive them in time for early November.

One item that can be extremely helpful as many clients will likely want to include ponsettias in their displays are Holiday Products. These are available from NewPro Containers and must be ordered by September 30th in order to have them by the beginning of November.

Also, don’t forget to consider outdoor spaces as you work with clients to plan holiday displays. Entry ways and walkways are great places to include containers. Evergreen tops such as Balsam Fir or White Pine and colorful or interestingly shaped branches are great holiday touches. Depending on the electricity available you could string them with lights for the holiday season then remove the lights and the containers will still be appropriate decoration through the rest of the winter season.

The more you have in order now the less scrambling you will have to do as the holiday season approaches. Your customers will appreciate you being proactive as you seek to help them develop their sales and reduce their stress through the holiday season.

More Tips

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When do you usually start planning for Christmas? What do your customers most often want in a Christmas display? Have you created any outdoor holiday plantscapes? Let us know in the comments!

Photo “Cafe near High Street Kensington” by kotomicreations

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