Christmas in July! Are You Getting Ready?

Christmas may seem in far in the distant future, but the holiday season approaches quickly and there are many advantages to preparing now."Poinsettia"

With your summer installations in full swing, you may have a bit of down time now to get ready for the busy holiday season. Now may also be the best time for your clients to start thinking about the holidays. There are a few ways to prepare and to promote your holiday services before everyone is too busy.


Make sure your website and other marketing material is up to date. Do you have pictures of your holiday displays online? Have you posted testimonies from satisfied customers on your website? Are all the packages and services you offer current? Spend some time now posting new pictures and updating your website so that it is ready to grab the attention of potential clients when the time is right.

Evaluate your inventory

Determine how many holiday containers and other decorations and supplies you have. Do you have any old items that you can get rid of? Take time to consider what you will need for the coming holiday season. Often getting orders to suppliers early can mean discounts and you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines because of delayed supplies.

Potential Clients

Reach out to potential clients. Arrange a meeting where you can sit down and discuss everything your business can provide for a holiday installation. Potential clients will have more time for a meeting like this now than when they are busy with the holiday rush.

You could also host a Christmas in July theme party for potential and current clients. Open up your facilities, or rent a banquet hall and go all out displaying examples of holiday arrangements. Include good food and beverages. Don’t forget to offer the opportunity for clients to arrange for your services during the event and make sure everyone goes home with your phone number.

Loyal Clients

Send out postcards to current clients thanking them for their past holiday business and reminding then when it is time to renew their contracts for the next holiday season. They may be pleased to get one task out of the way before the holiday rush starts.


Consider advertising discounts for clients who are willing to sign up early. This may attract new customers and will give you a better idea of what supplies and crews you will need long before you have to scramble to get everything ready.

New Ideas

Take time now to brainstorm new ideas for holiday interior landscaping. While clients will continue to enjoy the standard poinsettias and spruce tops, consider how you might present something new to clients who are interested in unique arrangements. For example, you could incorporate tropicals such as bromeliads.

 A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many in the interior landscaping business. Take time now before you are overwhelmed with the season’s activities to come up with new creative ideas, plan fresh marketing campaigns, and appreciate clients. A little bit of work now can reduce a lot of stress when the holiday season gets under way. When do you start preparing for the holiday season? What are a few things you could get done now so that you won’t have to worry about it later?


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Photo “Poinsettia” courtesy TANAKA Juuyoh

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