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Montrose Gardens

Montrose Gardens by Susan Reimer

Perhaps you are new to container gardening. Maybe you have been using containers for plantscapes for a long time, but are out of new and fresh ideas.

Anyone who has ever planted a plant in a container has needed some guidance at one time or another. You may have wondered what soil types are best or which plants tolerate shade well or which plants will trail nicely over the edge of a container. The following resources have great suggestions, instructions or recipes for container gardens. Hopefully you will find some inspiration and answers to you container garden questions.


The first resource is the magazine “Container Gardening”. It is an annual special issue from Fine Gardening.  It can be purchased online at the Tauton Store. The most recent volume is particularly helpful if you are new to container gardening as it covers the basics of choosing a container and appropriate plants to meet your needs. Previous volumes can be purchased online also.

The next resources also comes from the publishers of Fine Gardening. It is a more comprehensive book about container gardening called “Container Gardening”. The book includes ideas for design, tips for maintenance, regional suggestions and seasonal ideas. There are also beautiful pictures that illustrate the various design ideas. This would be a great resource to add to any library as a go to guide for plants that work in specific situations and for general design inspiration.

“Pots in the Garden: Expert Design & Planting Techniques” by Ray Rogers is another great book for container garden. This book moves beyond just ideas for specific containers, and teaches about design. In a review of this book the San Francisco Chronicle stated:

“Filled with discussions about color, form and texture, this book doesn’t merely make plant and arrangement suggestions. Rather, Rogers instructs on design principles, pot selections, planting techniques and more, inspiring the reader to find his own style…”

If you want to move beyond recipes for containers, but lack the skills and theory to make your own eye-catching containers, “Pots in the Garden” may help you develop the knowledge to make your own new and creative ideas.

Online Resources

Perhaps you would rather not invest in a new book, but would like a few quickly available resources. The following are several fast internet resources.

“Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Annual Flowers in Containers” is a pamphlet published by the Cornell Cooperative Extension. A few helpful features found in this pamphlet are a chart of suggested container sizes for various plants, particularly vegetables and a chart for troubleshooting. The chart lists various problems that container gardens face and effective solutions.

If you need quick seasonal ideas, Better Homes and Gardens has a great slideshow. It includes pictures of containers and recipes so you can reproduce the container with the plants suggested. This site has beautiful ideas for fall containers. also has an extensive section devoted to container gardening. It contains introductory information, pictures, reviews of other materials, videos and more. If you have some time to peruse the site it is full of useful information for planning out container gardens.

As you use these resources to develop ideas for new container gardens be sure to visit NewPro Containers to find the perfect containers for your arrangements.

Do you have any great container gardening resources? Where do you usually turn for help with container gardening? What sources of design inspiration do you use?

 Photo “Montrose Gardens” Courtesy of Susan Reimer

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