Crafting Containers for Late Summer Color

When your containers are beginning to look leggy and spent due to the lingering heat and intense sunshine of late summer it is time to change them a bit. There are many flowers that will offer brilliant colors for the late summer.

Many of these flowers often come in radiant golds, yellows, and oranges. Use the colors associated with the last summer days to wind down the season and anticipate fall.

As you craft your new late summer containers keep some of the basics of container arrangements in mind. While you can make stunning containers with just a single variety of plant, you usually want to have some contrast in height. A high focal piece in the back or center, medium height flowers and foliage and some trailing flowers or foliage are the ideal combination for an attractive container.


This plant produces lovely daisy like flowers until the end of summer. It usually creates mounds up to 18 inches tall. Coreopsis has delicate, fern like foliage. The flowers vary from pale creams to brilliant yellows and golds. For a particularly sunny variety Better Homes and Gardens suggests the ‘Domino’ cultivar. It has yellow around the outer portions of the leaves and maroon centers.


There many varieties of zinnias to choose from. They come in all colors and sizes. Their flower shape ranges from simple daisy like flowers to complex dahlia like blossoms. Zinnias are easy to care for, bloom prolifically and will add attractive color to your container arrangements.

Depending on the needs of your container you can plant zinnias that will act as a tall focal point or zinnias that will be a more medium sized filler. With little attention these bright yellow, orange and red flowers will bloom until the first frost.

Fern leaf yarrowYarrow

Yarrow produces large clusters of yellow, white or pink flowers. It can grow up to four feet tall so this plant can be a great way to add height to a container arrangement.

Yarrow is drought resistant and tolerates the August heat. Make sure your container doesn’t stay too wet because yarrow does not like excess moisture.

Creeping Zinnias

Sanvitalia procumbens also known as creeping zinnia is an excellent addition to a container arrangement. It has a mat forming trailing habit that works very perfectly as a flower that will spill out of a container. It has prolific, yellow, daisy like blooms that don’t require dead heading. This plant will bloom throughout the late season and enjoys the heat of the summer.

Companion Plants

Don’t forget to add heat loving foliage plants to complement the lovely golden flowers. Coleus endure the heat and come in all colors including festive limes. Sweet potato vine is a trailing vine that will thrive on hot days. Ornamental grasses add attractive height and most set on beautiful seed heads as fall approaches.

Late summer can produce some of the most attractive flowers of the season. These are just a few of the golden, orange and yellow options. What are your favorite late summer flowers? What late summer color combinations do you prefer?


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