Green Wall Roll Call: What Systems Are Out There?

If you like to stay current on interior landscape trends, you have probably received a pretty decent introduction to green walls by now.

Maybe a client brought them to your attention. Perhaps a colleague brought you up to speed. Maybe a forum or blog, like this one, has enlightened you. Or perhaps a green wall provider has shared their product’s benefits, features, and applications with you.

I have been researching green infrastructure since I began my graduate studies at SIU Edwardsville in 2009. But I must admit that it has taken a while for me to discover many of the green wall systems out there. I think that, with the varying nomenclature describing green walls and the relative newness of the green wall industry niche, the research is tedious. I’m sure interiorscapers and landscapers have had similar issues sifting through Google searches for green wall resources in North America.

So to ease your pain, I’ve compiled a list of green wall systems, fabricators, distributors, and specialists that, to my knowledge, have North American operations. This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course, just the ones I have encountered. I hope you find this quick resource helpful!

Feel free to explore these resources and  specific Green Wall projects via the International Greenroof and Greenwall Projects Database.  By the way, if I didn’t call your name, please feel free to share your product/company name and a link in the comments below!

Featured image by Green Over Grey Living Walls & Design

Mark is an accredited LEED Green Associate with a background in green wall research and product management and expertise in sustainability, ecology, green infrastructure, and green building. He currently works at Bela Flor Nurseries, a large wholesale supplier of annuals and perennials.

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