How Black Plastic Keeps NewPro Green

It’s safe to say that Netflix, the mail-order DVD-rental company, has become a huge blockbuster, so to speak. Millions of movie-lovers reserve DVDs online, which the company then mail to the subscriber’s door a day or two after the reservation is made.

NewPro's own Tony may have found a Rockafiller created from "A Streetcar Named 'Desire'" DVD!

As you know, DVD’s aren’t the most durable movie medium, so what does Netflix do with DVD’s that are no longer watchable or need to be recycled? Send them to NewPro! While some NewPro employees might appreciate trying to rescue a damaged copy of “Casablanca” or “Avatar,” these classics can find new life in your interiorscape projects.

All of our faux-stone Rockafillers and River Rockafillers are made from shredded Netflix DVDs and DVD cases that are melted down and re-forged in our custom Rockfiller molds. Once cooled, the former DVDs are rock-solid and ready for sale. They look great in NewPro’s indoor planters and our wholesale containers and wholesale flower pots.

What else makes NewPro green?

  • Prish and Tamara, our Customer Service Representatives, only e-mail invoices to customers; no paper copies are generated
  • If you FAX in an order, that document is converted electronically and placed into our order cue. As with email, a paper version is never create.
  • Our Lechuza products feature liners made from recycled plastic. The company also recycles paint that drips from the manufacturing process to be reapplied to another pot later in the process.

We know many of our you and your peers live and work around diverse plant pots and diverse plants, but how do you reduce or consider the impact to the environment in your Interiorscape projects?

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