How to Choose an Outdoor Container

As outdoor container season comes into full swing it is critical to remember the containers that display your arrangements are as important as the arrangements themselves. Clients want containers that are attractive and dependable. They want to know that they can count on their containers to display healthy plants for the entire outdoor season.

As you look for the perfect containers to display your creative work, here are some qualities to keep in mind:


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With a large volume of potting medium and healthy plants, containers can become very heavy. If the material that the container is built with is also heavy, such as stone, they can quickly become impossible to move. While there may be some instances when a heavy immovable container is desirable, there are many containers that are made of commercial grade, lightweight plastics. Some of these containers are made to look like stone, so you can achieve your desired look without all of the extra weight.


While plastic can be a desirable material to make attractive, lightweight containers, not all plastic is created equal. Look for quality plastics that are able to withstand varying outdoor conditions. These materials should stand up to hot and cold weather. They should also retain their color and not fade when exposed to the elements. It will save you time, money and frustration when you do not have to continually replace your outdoor containers due to wear and tear.


No matter how lightweight the material your outdoor container is made of, they still become quite heavy with potting material. They can be difficult to install or move from place to place. A coaster that fits attractively with your container can make this much easier. Also, some container have hidden caster wheels that making moving them very simple. If you need to move a container regularly, be sure to consider these options when buying new stock.


When you place outdoor containers on wooden decks or tile you will want to protect your client’s flooring from water stains. Determine whether or not you will need a saucer and then make sure the container you intend to use has a saucer that will match its size and accommodate its weight. A durable saucer will help maintain a professional look for your clients.

Drainage Holes

Many outdoor containers require drainage holes to allow excess water to run out of the container. Most plants do not like to remain waterlogged and this important feature prevents root rot and other diseases from developing. Some containers come with drainage holes in place while others allow you to drill your own drainage holes.


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This consideration is obvious, but can be overlooked at times. Know the amount of space your arrangements will require as well as the amount of space your client’s locations can accommodate. You don’t want a container that is too big for a space or that looks dwarfed in a very large space. Always take measurements and plan ahead before you purchase your outdoor containers. A little extra time will cut back on disappointment later.

With a little planning ahead and some research you will find the perfect quality outdoor containers for your client’s spaces. Remember to keep weight, durability, size, shape and function in mind when you are making your purchase.

What do you look for in an outdoor container?

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