How to use Feng Shui in Interior Landscapes

Peace ManFeng Shui can mean many different things to different people. The general idea behind Feng Shui is spaces can be arranged to promote positive energy. Feng Shui may also be used to create other environments such as prosperous or calm.

Feng Shui and Business

Many businesses are interested in Feng Shui. When done correctly it may improve employee morale and even go so far as to improve profit margins.

There is no hard evidence that Feng Shui can directly change business outcomes. However, many people believe it does make a differece. In an article for CNN Hong Kong business owner, Allan Chau, states: “Feng shui cannot make things happen but it can assist you and make things easier.”

Chau made changes to his business based on recommendations from a Feng Shui consultant and saw sales double during a year most other businesses had significant losses.

Five Elements

Feng Shui seeks to balance five elements; water, wood, earth, metal and fire to create the desired environment. Symbols such as fountains, statues, even wood flooring or desks may be used in the decor. According to Interior Office Plants, living plants are considered part of the wood element.

Feng Shui and Plants

Feng Shui principles can be used when creating interior landscapes to create a desirable work environment. Both type, shape and placement of plants can promote positive energy. Interior Office Plants states: “Live plants encourage health, wealth, prosperity and contentment.” All of these attributes are appealing to businesses. suggests that indoor plants bring balance to a room. They can also encourage health and feelings of abundance.

Interior Office Plants recommends grouping plants in threes to promote prosperity. The article also recommends avoiding spiky, pointy or stiff leaved plants and using plants with rounded or coin shaped leaves instead. Bushy plants also promote positive energy.

Prokerala suggests the jade plant and the money plant for interior spaces. These two plants represent prosperity and can promote income and good luck. Bamboo is also a very popular Feng Shui plant due to its ease of care and abundant growth. According to essortment bamboo symbolizes longevity and good health. Peace Lilies are also desirable because of their ability to remove toxins from the air. Interior Office Plants teaches that palms signify good luck, success and prosperity.

Promoting Feng Shui to Clients

Whether or not you believe in the deeper meanings of Feng Shui, using some concepts from Feng Shui may be a fun way to give your interior landscapes form and meaning. You can generate positive energy that promotes health and wellness in office and work spaces. Consider using elegant fiberglass containers as you craft your Feng Shui inspired plantscapes.

Bringing living plants and natural environments into a business may significantly improve that business’ outcomes. Promoting Feng Shui with living interior plants may be one way to pique potential client’s interest. What design concepts have you used when crafting interior landscapes? What ways have you promoted the benefits of positive energy and health to your clients?

Photo “Peace Man” courtesy of Goynang

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