Interiorscape Business: Marketing Trends For 2015

Marketing is an ever changing field and as technology and the ways people use it shift quickly, marketing strategies also need to be modified.

Here are five Internet marketing trends that are taking hold in 2015 and how you can take advantage of these trends as an interior landscaper.

1) Mobile Accessibility

Making your website simple and easily available to mobile users has been an important trend for several years now. The rise of smart phones and the rate at which people use them for Internet searches has been on the marketing radar for quite awhile. However, this year mobile accessibility takes on new significance as it can now impact your search engine ranking. Google now considers mobile user friendliness in its rankings. Here’s a screen shot showing Google identifying a website as mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendly Site


If you want to continue to be discovered through modern search engines such as Google, you must offer content that is accessible to mobile users. Ask your web designer about responsive design. Here’s a quick test to see if Google determines your website to be mobile friendly along with another link to a robust guide by Google to help you get started creating a mobile friendly website. New to SEO (search engine optimization)? Here’s a fantastic beginner’s guide to SEO by Moz.

2) Content Marketing

Content marketing has been an important component of marketing strategies for a long time now. However, it is now more important than ever to gear content marketing to mobile users. Quick bites of information, well researched and colorful infographics, videos and photos will be the best way to engage mobile users.

This is especially significant for interior landscapers because visual content is an excellent way to reach your target audience. Find ways to take short video clips of installations or provide “how to” movies or diagrams for plant care. Show your technicians in action and interview satisfied clients. Content marketing in 2015 requires you to think outside of the written blog.

3) Paying for Social Media Advertising

Social media has long been touted as free marketing. To some extent you can still use free profiles and pages to create community and connect with clients. However, it is increasingly more difficult to show up in news feeds and be discovered without advertising. Many interior landscapers still share content on Facebook regularly and may not even realize that less than 4% of their audience will ever see it unless they pay to promote it. At NewPro, we leverage paid social media advertising through Facebook and Twitter with plans to leverage LinkedIn and other networks in the near future.

Organic Reach Chart

Paid promotions on Facebook and other social media sites are becoming more effective. If you want to be noticed on social media, you may have to pay for it this year and beyond. Hootsuite offers a nice beginner’s guide to social media advertising.

4) Sharing Your Voice

The social landscape of marketing online now allows an easy way to empower others involved with your business to have a voice and share your story. Encourage your clients and enable your employees to act on your behalf. Have your clients post before and after pictures of your installations. Give your employees opportunities to share fun stories or their expertise and knowledge. The more people you have representing you on your social media profiles and blogs, the more human your interiorscaping business becomes. Make sure you educate your employees and inform your clients about what is appropriate to share on your pages. Remember everyone involved is representing your interior landscaping business. I recommend checking out Jay Baer’s 7 ingredients for employee social advocacy.

5) Visually Driven Social Media

Social media platforms that focus on visual media such as Pinterest and Instagram will continue to gain ground in the coming year. Ekaterina Walter, CMO of Branderati, states, “The ability to craft visual stories that inspire emotion and spark the movement will help companies get noticed and amplify their message…” This is good news for interiorscapers who are in a visual business. Visually telling your company’s story will be easy as you post pictures and videos of your creative work. You creativity will help you “inspire emotion” and you can easily connect with your target audience. For more on this, I recommend checking out Hubspot’s guide to creating visual content for social media.

Your Plan

Based on some of these trends for marketing in 2015, you can enhance your marketing plan for this year.

How will you make your content accessible to mobile devices? How will you empower the people involved in your business to tell your story? How will you budget for social media advertising? How will you use more visual components in your social media campaigns?

Jeremy is the owner and CEO of NewPro Containers, publisher of Modern Plantscaper Magazine, and co-founder of, a content promotion and distribution services company. Jeremy sits on the national board of Green Plants for Green Buildings. He is a graduate of Purdue University

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