Interiorscaper Sales Rising, NewPro Expanding Warehouse

Sales to Interiorscapers have improved this last year, and as a result of NewPro’s 16 percent growth in 2010, we are adding a larger warehouse facility.

We've added more room for the products you need!

2010 was also host to the launch of innovative products that allow Interiorscapers to expand or enhance their services, such as the Quadrangle rectangular planter, River Rockafiller plastic river rocks, and no-hole liners. Lechuza also introduced the Rondo and Diamante cylindrical containers, which have already won coveted international design awards.

“Sales of planters to Interiorscapers has increased steadily in 2010 from 2009,” said Fred Scott, NewPro’s Vice President who formerly served as purchaser and manager of installations at one of the largest exterior and interior landscape supply companies in the US. “This is a positive sign for the entire industry. We believe that the worst is over and sales will continue to improve going forward.”

Most NewPro customers need their planters or supplies within days of contacting us. In order to meet that expectation, we carry the largest inventory in the country.

“We expanded the warehouse to stock more quantities of each product in the catalog and the website,” with the exception of Gainey custom orders, Fred added. “Whatever pot in whatever size or color is right here, ready to go, and in multiple quantities. If you order a 20-inch vista pot by noon – we ship it the same day.”

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