Lechuza’s New “Diamante” Dazzles – Would You Buy It? [VIDEO]

We here at NewPro Corp. received a tall cardboard box from Lechuza the other day and when we opened it up we couldn’t decide if the German company sent us their newest container or a work of art. I’m going to be diplomatic and say “both.”

Lechuza's "Diamante"

The 30-inch tall “Diamante” looks like a jewel – and I’m not just picking a flowery adjective. As you can tell by the photo, its surface design is reminiscent of a polished diamond. In fact the word “diamante” originated about 100 years ago in France and means “set with diamonds.”

Similar in size and shape to its “Rondo” cousin, the Diamante is 16 inches in diameter and features an interchangeable plant liner with a recessed frame handle and overflow function along with the familiar Lechuza sub-irrigation system. NewPro is currently evaluating if or when we will carry it – it depends heavily on customer requests and somewhat on industry buzz.

Lechuza told us the container is available in white, black, anthracite (charcoal) and scarlet red, high-gloss finishes. You can check out the video below that provides some close-ups.

What is your reaction to this new “Gem?” Does the design open up exciting avenues for you as an Interiorscaper, or is it too radical to fit into your current client portfolio? You can provide valuable feedback by filling out the survey below or by leaving a comment in the “reply” area below.


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