Less is More with New-And-Improved River Rockafillers

For the last year, NewPro has offered the Rockafiller line of faux river rocks. They look identical to smooth rounded stones you’d find on the banks of a stream or pond. Designed to be spread on the top of a planter, they are also a great alternative to dry, fibrous top dressings since they don’t stir up allergies as faux moss can.

There are now two styles of Rockafillers. “Flat” Rockafillers give great cover for small to medium planters and are similar to skipping stones. Their flat characteristic works well when light surface coverage is needed. “River Rockafillers” are our new lighter but larger faux river rocks. This means less expense to you, but more coverage for your customers.

This represents one unit of River Rockafillers (charcoal or black)- one cubic foot

Each “unit” of River Rockafillers consists of one cubic foot of 2-inch to 4-inch diameter by 1-inch thick round river rocks. They are ideally suited for larger plant beds and planters, although some interiorscapers use them for small planters as well. These rocks are much easier to dislodge than the real thing when you need to check soil moisture.

When compared to real river rocks by weight, Rockafillers will cover 2.5 times more area. One cubic foot of river Rockafillers will cover 5-6 square feet of an area 2 inches deep. Despite their plastic make-up, all varieties of Rockafillers are green! Each is molded from shredded, recycled DVDs and DVD cases.

NewPro Customers who have already received River Rockafiller sample packs are looking forward to using them in a new way, “Thank you for sending the samples of river rock,” said Clair P. from Salt Lake City. “I love the new size.”

If you have ever had a complaint of mold causing stress with your customer, then Rockafillers are a good alternative to moss. The fire Marshall will likely be less critical of Rockafillers instead of moss dressing.

Here is some important info about the new faux river rock product:

  • New larger diameter – 2″ to 4″
  • More coverage + light weight = less expensive
  • Fire resistant and easy to use
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Covers 2.5 times more area than actual rock by weight
  • Ships in a 1 cubic foot box
  • Use 1 cubic ft. to cover 6 sq. feet at 2″ depth
  • Non-allergenic
  • Easy to rearrange to check soil
  • Available in Black Onyx

Call Prish or Tamara at 800-869-9285 if you have any questions or would like to place an order. They look great is our wholesale containers and wholesale flower pots. Of course for more detail, or to place an order online, you can visit the NewPro Containers website.

Pictured are the “flat” and new River Rockafillers

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