Why We Launched a New Print Magazine for Interior Landscapers

I’m excited to kick off the first interior landscape industry focused print publication in nearly a decade. My name is Jeremy Dearringer, owner and CEO of NewPro Containers.

It’s 2016. We live in a plugged in, always on, digital world. Informative blog posts, eBooks, industry focused social communities, and more are accessible 24/7 from your smartphone.

So who needs print and why launch another print publication now?

Jeremy Dearringer, Owner & CEO of NewPro Containers

-Jeremy Dearringer, Owner & CEO of NewPro Containers

I believe that our industry needs a rally point for communication. I’ve attempted, somewhat successfully, to bring people together digitally. We launched this industry specific blog authored by over a dozen industry experts recruited from around North America. We revived Interiorscape.com as an online forum which led to the creation of an incredibly active Facebook Group engaged in daily discussion. We’ve published robust eBooks on plant pest control, interior design trends, management strategies, and more. Further, we currently manage the social media for Green Plants for Green Buildings on a volunteer basis.

Although these digital resources I mentioned have earned some great feedback and loyal followers, I still run into interior landscapers weekly that have no idea they exist. It’s not from a lack of promotion. We maintain very active social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc and leverage paid promotion to increase awareness in addition to running weekly email campaigns.

What I’ve found is that some business owners restrict their employees from engaging in social media during work, people are operating on shared computers, or their daily lives are simply too busy to pay attention to ‘optional’ emails and social media accounts. As an industry, we’re either overwhelmed or intimidated by the digital tidal wave upon us.

Maybe some of us are just looking for a refreshing change of pace. Perhaps we find it nostalgic to physically flip through a print magazine. As a car enthusiast, I know I enjoy receiving a hard copy of Motor Trend magazine in the mail every month and almost never read their online publication.

How is Modern Plantscaper different from past publications that weren’t financial solvent?

NewPro is a for-profit plant container supplier. Most of the overhead is already covered through our core business. We employ full-time photographers, editorial staff, and design personnel. The primary variable costs involved are printing and postage. With the support of a few more advertisers, even direct competitors, we will have the funds to continue to build something cool for the industry. Advertising space is available and hot right now. If you want to be on the forefront with us, inquire about our limited advertising space at ads@modernplantscaper.com. The initial distribution will be directed to the thousands of customers we’ve served since 1989, over 1,300 members and subscribers at Interiorscape.com, handouts at major trade shows, and new opt-in subscribers on our website at ModernPlantscaper.com. I will also be handing out the first edition of this magazine at our TPIE booth (#2521) this week while supplies last.

What exactly is this magazine all about?

As the title suggests, this print publication is designed to serve interior landscape professionals that want to stay informed about industry events, organizations, trends, and get insider tips from other interior landscape professionals.

I hope you enjoy our first green wall focused magazine! We’re here to serve you, so feel free to provide feedback in the comments below.

Jeremy is the owner and CEO of NewPro Containers, publisher of Modern Plantscaper Magazine, and co-founder of Relevance.com, a content promotion and distribution services company. Jeremy sits on the national board of Green Plants for Green Buildings. He is a graduate of Purdue University

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