A Quick Way to Add Color to Your Fall Plantscape Design

Summer blooms are beginning to fade in outdoor containers and patio planters so now is the perfect time to plan for fall arrangements.

Chrysanthemums, or mums as they are more commonly referred to, are the perfect go-to plant for fall. They vary greatly in size, shape, flower shape and color making it easy to find just what you need. While mums are very common in the fall you can still create dramatic flair by using unusual flower shapes, bright colors and unique plant pairings. A container full of bright mums trailing foliage and dramatic ornamental grasses is sure to delight any client and inspire autumn sentiment.

Replace Summer Blooms

One advantage to mums is they can easily replace spent plants in a container without having to repot the entire arrangement. Better Homes and Gardens recommends that if you have plants that are through with their summer blooms to simply dig around that plant, remove it and place a fresh mum in its former spot. Mums can also fill a container with their mounding shape and numerous blooms without the help of accent plants. Choose a variety that is known for prolific blooms. Home and Garden Ideas suggests Belgian Mums as prolific bloomers claiming they can have from 600 to 1,000 blooms on each plant. Varieties of Belgian Mums are also bred according to when they bloom. If you plan appropriately you can have prolific blooms from late August through October.

Fall Colors

Another advantage to fall mums is that their colors lend naturally to fall arrangements. They come in rusty oranges, burnt reds, bright orange and yellow as well as white, pink and fucshia. All of these colors compliment pumpkins, cornstalks, bittersweet and other common fall decorations very nicely. Better Homes and Gardens suggests “Sunny Robin” a bright yellow variety with a pom-pom shape that blooms early in September. “Autumn Red” is a simple daisy-like mum that is bright red. The plant is also very hardy in cold weather.

Flower Forms

Consider flower form as well when planning your arrangements. Spider mums will add a wild, unkempt, yet fascinating look to a patio planter. More formal arrangements call for decorative mums that have full blooms with many petals. Single mums appear more like daisies, and often have bright colorful centers in addition to the petals. The most unique flower shape is called the “spoon form” The petals are rolled, creating a narrow shaft and then open at the end resembling a spoon. Pom-pom mums are tighter ball-shaped flowers usually smaller in size.

Event Rental

With fall weddings becoming more and more popular consider providing mums for event rentals. You can craft arrangements of mums in beautiful indoor containers that can be used in event centers and churches all season long. Because the flowers are used more than once you can offer lower prices than florists and the hosts will not have to plan for removal and disposal of the used decorations.

Whether used for events or seasonal arrangements in patio planters mums are a fall classic. There great variety in color, flower form, shape and bloom season makes it easy to find a mum perfect for any occasion.  What is your favorite variety of mum to work with?

Photo “mums” courtesy of Narith5

 Photo “mums” courtesy of xprogrammer

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