New Clients for the 4th of July


“Fireworks” by Amani Hasan

Having recently celebrated Independance Day in the United States, the  government is on our minds.

As we celebrate with family, picnics, barbecues and fireworks we are reminded of how the United States came to be and of the people that spend so much time and effort in the government moving us forward. You may be wondering what the government has to do with interiorscaping. Have you thought about the government as a potential client?  We often think of office buildings, apartment buildings and shopping malls among the list of those who may desire indoor plants to add to the asthetics of their spaces, but don’t forget to include government buildings.

Diversity in Government

There is incredible diversity in types of government buildings and the interior landscaping services they may desire. There are educational institutions with offices, auditoriums, classrooms and public spaces that can all benefit from the clean air and calming environment that indoor plants provide. Government buildings also include municipal buildings, public meeting rooms, courthouses and many others. Improving the quality of these spaces through green plantscapes will impact the huge volume of people that move through these buildings. Local governments also benefit from supporting local businesses so this is a potential client you should pursue.

Resources for Help

It may be overwhelming to seek out the government as a client with all of the red tape, committees, boards and councils, contracts, etc. However, there are places you can turn to for help.

The Small Business Administration can help you in many areas of owning and operating your small business and they can help you navigate working with the government. Your local Small Business Development Center can also offer free expertise.  According to

“Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are partnerships primarily between the government and colleges/universities administered by the Small Business Administration and aims at giving educational services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.”

You can find your nearest SBDC here. All of the consulting services offered by the SBDC are free to the public and confidential they also offer a variety of courses for a small fees.

Building your Interiorscape Business this 4th of July

As you seek to build your interior landscaping business it is important that you consider all of your potential clients. Take the opportunity this holiday week to explore how you can include the local government in your list of potential clients. Who else could you include that you haven’t considered yet? Have you pursued the government as a client? What difficulties have you encountered? What successes have you had? What types of plantscapes have you used for government spaces?

Don’t forget to stop by as you make your plans for your interiorscapes and present your ideas to your local governments. Right now the  28″ Fiberglass Fishbowl Planter is on sale: buy 2 and get one for free.

Image, “Fireworks” courtesy of Amani Hasan

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