NewPro is a Family and You are Part of It

With Father’s Day just three days away, I find myself reflecting upon family relationships. I am a father of three awesome kids and husband to a wife who loves me (most of the time). I am also thankful for the example my own dad has provided and still try to follow (again, most of the time).

Family is a concept we all have experienced on a personal level, but is it really possible in the often-impersonal world of business? We here at NewPro believe it is, and our loyal customers remind us of that every day.

I’ve lost count of the number of times Tamara, our customer service rep., has asked a customer “What kind of project do you have going on this week?” or hearing Prish, also in customer service, laugh out loud (and trust me it’s loud) at a humorous story someone shared from three time zones away.

In the 20 years NewPro Corp has sold indoor planters, wholesale planters, plant containers, Interiorscapers, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. The more we listen to your requests, questions and concerns, the better we become. Lechuza, Gainey and Vista are all important names to us, but they don’t come before the thousands of people with whom we’ve had the privilege of doing business.

While keeping promises we make to you means we get to wear different hats, there are three things we will always offer:

  1. The largest and most diverse selection of interiorscape products in one location
  2. Low prices everyday that include the cost of freight so you know EXACTLY the amount you’ll be charged BEFORE you pay for it.
  3. Same-day shipping – the product you order will leave our Indianapolis warehouse in one business day. We offer a wide variety of in-stock products to insure the items you need to do the job are available – and shipped to you – on time.

Do you get personal with your clients? What do you offer no one else does?

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