NewPro shipping sample set for new Quadrangle rectangular planter

The newest product to join NewPro’s product line-up is the Quadrangle™ Rectangle. We devised the rounded-corner rectangle planter as compliment to similar planters from Lechuza, ASI, and Gainey.

The Quadrangle™ looks right at home on sun-drenched window sills and atop office cubicle partitions (brackets available). Manufactured by NewPro, the Quadrangle™ fits oversized 6” growpots and is made of new and improved poly compound that minimizes smudges and scratches than other similar products.

Although currently available in five contemporary and commercial colors, NewPro has developed a kit to familiarize Interiorscapers and Plantscapers with the product. The sample set includes:

• Black Quadrangle™ (6.5″ OW x 22.2″ OL x 7″ OH – 6.25″ IW x 22″ IL x 6.25″ IH – BASE: 4.25″ OAW x 20″ L)
• Brackets for secure mounting with step-by step instructions
• Color Chips (Espresso, Charcoal, Pearl and Beige)
• Newly re-designed Rockafillers™ river rocks

More details about the Quadrangle™ can be found here.

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