Ornamental Edibles for Outdoor Containers

Outdoor containers provide  a wealth of possibility for accenting patios, entrances, walkways and other outdoor public spaces.

As you consider what kind of arrangements will be eye-catching and intriguing make sure to think outside of the box. The color, height and depth of ornamental edibles will draw interest to your outdoor containers.

Not your average vegetable garden

Often, when people think of container gardens they think patio tomatoes, green peppers and kitchen herbs. However, there is a wealth of edible plants that are unique and interesting in varieties full of color and texture. These edible ornamental plants are not meant just to be eaten, but to add life to your outdoor container arrangements.

Suggestions for Ornamental Edibles

Ornamental Cabbage

Tasteofhome.com suggests ornamental peppers as one of their top 10 edible ornamental plants saying:

“Compact ornamental pepper varieties, growing 6 to 20 inches high and 6 to 18 inches wide, are ideal for small gardens, hanging baskets and containers. Unlike their kin, which hang beneath foliage, ornamental plants produce upright clusters of peppers that face the sky.”

Taste of Home also suggests scarlet runner beans, which require a trellis or poles as some sort of support. This would add height to a large container not to mention the bright red color of the flower. Another suggestion from Taste of Home is purple ruffles basil to add some deep colors of foliage to your containers.

Ornamental cabbages and kale can add purple and white hues to your containers and create nice low lying borders and because they thrive in cooler weather they also make nice replacement plants for spent summer arrangements.

Don’t forget to consider herbs such as curly parsley to add texture to your container arrangements. Silver thyme as an herb that features a flower that can cascade from the edge of a container.

What have you used?

As you plan your containers consider combining non-edibles with edibles.  Onlookers will be delighted as they discover the smells, colors and textures of plants that are familiar yet growing in a new way.

Let us know what you have tried in the comments. What unique edibles have you used in your outdoor containers? What types of plants have been successful in your outdoor arrangements? What are the types of spaces where you could use ornamental edibles?


Photo “Ornamental Cabbage 3” courtesy of Tony Hisgett
Featured image by Jim, the Photographer via https://www.flickr.com/photos/jcapaldi/3809500007/

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