Over-Watering a Big Concern for Indoor Plants

Over-watering is the top cause of dead plants.

OverflowSuccessful interiorscaping seems to require proper maintenance of the plants, flowers and settings . After the initial job is complete — bringing in plenty of beautiful flowers and plants to sit in the great pots and planters — there is still work to be done.

When you finish implementing your design for the business the ongoing need for maintenance remains. While looking for articles on indoor plants and maintenance I came across an article about the most common cause of dead plants.

From The ‘Inside’ Scoop on Gardening:

The most common cause of houseplants dying is over watering. The rule of thumb has been water once a week. This may work fine for some houseplants, but not all. My houseplant survival rate has been greatly improved with the purchase of a moisture meter. Armed with my watering can, meter and paper towel, I still weekly make the rounds of my houseplants, but check each with the meter before applying water.

This surprised me a bit. Coming from the business side of things I’d have thought not watering would be the number one culprit. My experience in waiting rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and houses is mostly with dry plants. Mine is a small sample size, though. I’m a culprit myself. I had a small plant that sat in my office window for about two years and succumbed to under-watering.

So the question now is – what’s the solution for improper water maintenance by clients?

Over-Watering Solution

It seems watering and caring for indoor plants is an issue for most people. Without the knowledge of proper care methods business owners and managers are left hopeless if left to care for their indoor plant investment by themselves. I’m in this boat as an offender of improper indoor plant care.

There must be a solution.

Metal Planter OfficeFrom feedback I’ve received from the interiorscapers it seems a common solution is to suggest a watering maintenance schedule provided by the interiorscapers themselves. It’s a way for businesses to have a worry-free system to keep their landscapes looking clean, fresh and alive. It’s also a way for interiorscapers to add an income stream. Maintaining the plants and surroundings seems to be a way to add a steady stream of revenue. I’d imagine most revenue comes from projects and that can vary. Having steady income from maintenance seems like a good way to keep things on an even keel between and even during projects.

Proper care for office or restaurant plants is important not only for the business building, but for your success as well. The better the landscape does for the business the happier that client will be. Happy clients are more likely to share your information with their business peers. When people ask a business owner or manager about their beautiful interiorscape you’ll want to be at the tip of their tongue as they boast about the great interiorscaper they had.

Let’s not forget about the maintenance for those metal planters. They tend to collect dust, which can cause them to wear out over time. Maintaining beautiful plants and beautiful planters is one of the keys to long lasting success in the interior landscaping business.

It’ll make for a happy client and a happy you as well.

Over-watering… who knew?

Melanie is a plant enthusiast and expert contributor at Bromeliads.info and OrchidPlantCare.info. Melanie's experience in internet marketing, business management, and horticulture allows her to bring a unique perspective to the community. Melanie received a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and is the Marketing Director at NewPro Containers.

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4 responses to “Over-Watering a Big Concern for Indoor Plants”

  1. I do not encourage my clients to use a moisture meter, they fail to read correctly over time and do not read accurately in lava rock mixes. However I do make money when client’s plants are failing because they relied on this device.

  2. Dayne says:

    That’s a good point, Dale. What’s the difficulty with reading the meters in lava rock mixes?

  3. Veronica says:

    Overwatering is usually a big problem for me, which is why I looked around for an automatic plant watering device. Hydrospike seems to work really well and be a great option – not expensive, hook up to any container for water, and just leave it there. The spike seems to figure out when the plant needs water.

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