NewPro is a Family and You are Part of It

Family is a concept we have all experienced on a personal level, but is it really possible in the often-impersonal world of business? We here at NewPro believe it is, and our loyal customers remind us of that everyday.

NewPro Containers

How Black Plastic Keeps NewPro Green

As you know, DVD’s aren’t the most durable movie medium, so what does Netflix do with DVD’s that are no longer watchable or need to be recycled? [...]  » Read More

Indoor/Outdoor Mega Pots are Super Ve...

Our heavy-duty Mega Pots, available in three sizes -- 30”, 36” and 42” -- and two faux-stone colors -- granite and sandstone -- are versatile and[...]  » Read More

Less is More with New-And-Improved Ri...

There are now two styles of Rockafillers. “Flat” Rockafillers give great cover for small to medium planters and are similar to skipping stones. T[...]  » Read More

NewPro shipping sample set for new Qu...

The Quadrangle™ looks right at home on sun-drenched window sills and atop office cubicle partitions (brackets available). Manufactured by NewPro,[...]  » Read More