Proof Interiorscape Service a Necessity, Rather Than a Luxury

Interiorscapers and Plantscapers know the value of living plants in office environments – in a world of office cubicle mazes and glass and concrete entryways, living things provide fresh air and a lively, colorful environment.

Now a study by an Australian university scientifically supports how you make a living. According to the Greening the Great Indoors For Human Health and Wellbeing report, “clear reductions in feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion and overall negativity among study participants with plants in their offices,” are evident. A “comparison group” with no plants showed a trend towards increased stress in human test subjects.

The report, recently released by researchers from the University of Technology Sydney, found that “indoor plants can be marketed for their demonstrated benefits to staff wellbeing, which research shows are also associated with improved work performance.”

The study’s author, Prof. Margaret Burchett, says having indoor plants fulfills a basic human need. “We evolved in a parkland setting, we have gone into high-rise buildings for work where we have alienated ourselves from our contact with nature,” Burchett said. “It is hard-wired into our heads that we need contact with nature to feel at home.”

In addition, the study found that plants clean the air and reduce health-related absences. The latest findings support previous studies that found having plants in the office reduced sick leave by over 60 percent, Burchett added. “They contribute to most aspects of environmental criteria,” she says.

What do you think about the reports findings? In an economy where budgets for servicing plants are dwindling, does this report help you market indoor plant environments as a budget necessity?

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