Pumpkin Pizzazz: Great Ideas for a Different Kind of Arrangement

PumpkinsPumpkins are the standard fall decoration. However, carving and decorating them is no longer reserved just for kids or Halloween anymore.

Pumpkins can be carved, painted, or decoupaged, to become beautiful center pieces or accent pieces for fall arrangements. Your indoor landscaping clients will love these homey, seasonal looks.


Paint can be a simple way to make pumpkins look more sophisticated. You can paint the pumpkin a new background color, such as white or simply paint a design on the plain orange pumpkin. Silver and gold spray paint can be a fast way to dress up pumpkins. Family Circle suggests carving geometric shapes such as squares or circles all the way around the pumpkin and then painting bright colored borders around the carved shapes.

Chevrons are very popular in decorating this year. Country Living suggests using painters tape to make your own varied chevron designs on the pumpkins. Paint a background color first and then place the painters tape in the desired pattern and paint over the open spaces.


You can carve beautiful designs beyond jack-o-lantern faces into pumpkins. Use a linoleum knife to carve away chunks of flesh and create sophisticated designs without breaking through the wall of the pumpkin. These designs will add depth and texture to your pumpkin. Consider intricate leaves or ornate patterns for this type of carving. You can even make designs that relate to your client’s businesses. If you don’t want to arve freehand, you can print out a pattern and score it onto the pumpkin with a knife.

Use a drill to create a starry look. You can drill individual holes into a pattern to outline a shape or you can drill random holes all over the pumpkin so it has a general twinkling look.


You can use Modge Podge to fix just about any image or piece of material to a pumpkin.   Lace is elegant and beautiful when adhered to a pumpkins. Use decorative material or photo copies of colorful pictures to decoupage on the pumpkin.

Other Tips

If you are using decoupage or paint you may want to consider using faux pumpkins, especially if the displays are indoors. Faux pumpkins will not rot and can be reused for many fall seasons to come. Acrylic craft paints or spray paints are easiest to use on pumpkins. If you are using real pumpkins, be sure the pumpkins are washed and dried before applying paint or decoupage.

Small pumpkins and gourds are also great decorations and additions to arrangements. Pile small gourds in large hurricane glass for centerpieces or accents. Hot glue small silk flowers, fall leaves or bittersweet to miniature pumpkins or gourds. Tuck the gourds and pumpkins around the base of a large outdoor container or place them strategically around your indoor landscaping arrangements.

Fall is a fun season to decorate for. Take advantage of the brief weeks before it is time to decorate for Christmas and dazzle your interior landscaping clients with creative and unique pumpkin displays that will compliment your living plant arrangements. What are your favorite fall arrangements ideas? How have you creatively used pumpkins for your clients?


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Photo “Pumpkins” courtesy of vic15.

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