Starting Stories: Miko Vaughn with Environments by Miko

This series is dedicated to bringing in unique and compelling stories of how different folks found their way to the interiorscaping industry.

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“Between jobs and couch surfing after being kicked out of an apartment in LA, I stumbled upon a plant propagation class and it was love at first plant! I knew at that moment, that working with plants in some capacity would make me very happy.

I immediately got a job at a local retail nursery and began taking courses to compete a horticulture degree. I was first drawn to landscape design for the creativity, but as soon as I took Deb Ringler’s interiorscape class it became very clear!

Deb’s enthusiasm for the plantscaping industry hit me hard, and she soon became my boss, my mentor, a friend, the officiant at my wedding, an Auntie to my twin boys, and eventually sold her business to me!

I truly love what I do and everyday I am tremendously grateful for all of the wonderful clients we have that make up our plant family. My business has steadily grown and we have three awesome employees now, but we are still small on the map. We have about 60% residential clients and 40% commercial accounts.

We love doing both, but I think that our attention to detail and creativity attracts mostly residential and high-end commercial accounts. This is my eighth year in business on my own, but I plan to be around for a long time! Plants truly make people happy and I feel like we get to bring life, wellness, and happiness to our clients every day. How rad is that!”

Allison is a budding plant person looking to share what she learns from horticulture and interiorscaping subject matter experts. When she is not researching new plants to add to her growing collection, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides and watching road-trip movies.

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