The Flower Show

Everyone knows Spring means flowers. Not only does it mean flowers in yards, containers, porches and landscaping, but also on display.

Early spring, before the latest varieties hit outdoor landscapes, is when many cities put on their annual flower shows. The shows are typically themed and showcase the best efforts of local landscaping companies, horticulturalists, public gardens, and flower related organizations and societies. They can be a great place to get new ideas for the plantscapes that you will craft for clients this spring. They may even be a place where you can get involved and show off your talents to attract new clients.

Philadelphia International Flower Show

"Crazy Tropical Flower"The Philadelphia International Flower Show is the oldest and biggest flower show in the United States. The first flower show was held in 1829 when 25 members of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society gathered to show off a few pieces from their rare collections. From there it grew into a few professionals gathering to show off their work and compete in several different categories. Today, the show is still produced by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. It includes 10 acres of exhibit space, competition, artistic displays, professional landscaping displays, and educational displays. It also includes vendors and demonstrations as well as kids and family activities. The demonstrations range from container gardening to flower arranging.

Other Options

If you don’t live near Philadelphia or are unable to attend, there are garden clubs and horticultural societies all over the country that host flower shows. Look to your local garden club or horticultural club for dates and locations.  Not only will flower shows give you a glimmer of spring in a lingering winter, but they will help get your creative juices flowing and are a great opportunity for networking with other industry professionals and suppliers.


Have you ever been to a local flower show? What did you find helpful or inspirational? Do you have a favorite industry event that you attend every year?


Photo “Crazy Tropical Flower” courtesy of Lisa Williams
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