Four Top Sources for New Spring Plants

New varieties of plants hit the market every year. These new varieties are often more heat Sidewalk Gardenstolerant, cold tolerant, disease resistant or produce more flowers than their predecessors.

As an interior landscaper, it is important to be on the cutting edge so you can delight your clients with the latest and greatest plants. These new varieties are the plants you want in your outdoor container displays and indoor landscapes.

So how do you learn about these plants and where can you find them? There are several great online articles that detail new plants for spring of 2013. They offer information about their advantages, pictures and usually where they can be purchased.

Listed below are articles that will give you inspiration and information about the latest varieties of annuals, perennials and even some trees and shrubs

Today’s Garden Center

Today’s Garden Center is a trade magazine that focuses on providing information to garden industry professionals. This article outlines 18 new annuals and perennials, many of which will be ideal for summer outdoor containers. The author includes new varieties of calibrachoa, echinacea, and coleus.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens describes 34 new blue, pink and purple varieties of annuals and 24 red, orange and yellow varieties of annuals for this spring. They include many new petunias, geraniums, begonias, coleus, verbena, and other container plants. Better Homes and Gardens has first hand experience with a few of these varieties because they were grown in their test gardens. These articles also have links to growers where these new plants can be purchased. Better Homes and Gardens also has information if you are looking for new perennials or roses.

Greenhouse Grower

Greenhouse Grower is another trade magazine for professionals in horticulture and other growing industry experts. Their latest print edition offers a sneak preview of 45 plants that will be on display at the Spring Trials in California in April. Fourteen of those plants can be found in this article online. This collection of new plants includes some excellent, fresh ideas for hanging baskets.

“Blue My Mind”

Among the many new plants this year “Blue My Mind” a dwarf variety of morning glory seems to stand out as a favorite. It is incredibly heat tolerant and will bloom all summer. Its trailing habit makes it a great fit for containers. “Blue My Mind” is available from Proven Winners.

Try Something New

Whether you are looking for some fresh ideas or brand new plants, these sites are sure to inspire some beautiful outdoor containers. Clients will be thrilled with showy, hardy flowers. Start planning your summer outdoor containers now. Don’t be afraid to try something new this year! Do you have any new varieties you are looking forward to using in your plantscapes?

Photo “Sidewalk Gardens – Potted Plants” courtesy of Ken Cook

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