Trying to be Grateful for the ‘Frustrations’ this Thanksgiving

For many Interiorscapers, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is marked by extremes. It’s the busiest and most profitable time of year. It’s also the most manic, stressful and professionally rewarding times of year as well.

It’s always challenging to meet your customers needs and keep them happy, and this time of year is no exception. So before we curse them, the season or each other, ask yourself something a friend asked me after a rant that was – admittedly – petty and small-minded. “Are you really frustrated, or just not very grateful?”

Hmmmmm. Good Point.

My wife –a wonderful professional and “this-is-our-(crazy)-life” — blogger offered up some reflections that I have adapted for this blog. Instead of complain, I will try to remember to be thankful for them instead.

  1. Rush hour traffic — I AM GRATEFUL that I have a career and a car to get myself there and back.
  2. Extra weight — I AM GRATEFUL that I am not one of those many who go hungry.
  3. Insomnia — I AM GRATEFUL for the quiet spaces that I find, even when they are at 4am.
  4. Long lines at the grocery store — I AM GRATEFUL for the blessing of being able to feed my family.
  5. Mountains of laundry — I AM GRATEFUL that I have clothes to wear and a washer/dryer at home.
  6. Rude People — I AM GRATEFUL for the reminder to treat others with kindness.
  7. Bills — I AM GRATEFUL for electricity and heat, wireless internet and modern medicine.

What are you grateful for this holiday season? What are some ways you, your employees or your community share their gratitude? Share your thoughts in the “Leave a Reply:” area below.

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