Two Great Tabletop Plants for Thanksgiving

Every table, reception desk, and office cubicle needs festive plants to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Fall lends itself to some of the most beautiful colors for decorating with flowers and foliage so take advantage of the bold colors and celebrate Thanksgiving with tabletop arrangements.  Instead of using cut flowers in vases, use tabletop containers with potted plants so that they can be enjoyed long after the holiday season.

KalanchoeCrassulaceae Kalanchoe K. blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe is a colorful succulent that is easy to grow. There are a variety of species that produce different leaf shapes and colors as well as various flower color and forms. The most popular Kananchoe species, according to Houseplants, is the K. blossfeldiana. The red, white, and yellow flowers are particularly becoming for Thanksgiving containers. The glossy leaves will also pair well with a high gloss container. Kalanchoes naturally bloom in spring, but can be easily forced to bloom during other times of year by manipulating the amount of light they are exposed to. Kalanchoes require a little water while they are blooming and even less during their dormant periods. They also like bright light so make sure you have a sunny location available.


Herbs are also an excellent choice for a Thanksgiving arrangement. Many people associate culinary smells with the season and herbs offer the perfect sensory effect. The beautiful silvery leaves of sage, commonly used in Thanksgiving cooking, will look lovely as part of an arrangement or standing alone in a tabletop container. Rosemary will also add fragrance and texture with its short, stiff, blue-green leaves. Thyme will trail and cascade over the edge of the container creating a delicate border. Just about any herb will do well in a tabletop container. If you combine several herbs to make an arrangement you may have to repot them in individual containers, as they continue to grow after the holidays. Herbs arrangements in containers also make excellent holiday and host or hostess gifts.

Small succulents can also make impactful containers. Because they are small and require little water they are very easy to include in a tabletop arrangement. Hens and chicks offer low growing foliage in a great variety of color. Better Homes and Gardens suggests Firebrid Hens and Chicks and Glowing Embers Hens and Chicks. These two varieties offer deep, bold red color, which is perfect for autumn. There are also many varieties of sedum that provide texture and movement for container arrangements. Other small succulents ideal for containers include the ghost plant, string of beads, and many varieties of echeveria.

The advantage of living container arrangements over cut flowers is that they will continue to grow and thrive for a long period of time. Typically cut flowers need to be thrown away after a few days of enjoyment. Tabletop decorations can be only subtly related to Thanksgiving, so that they can be used throughout the holiday season. Whether you want bright, fall flowers, or subtle yet colorful foliage, tabletop decorations are the perfect choice to add holiday cheer to a room.

Photo “Crassulaceae Kalanchoe K. blossfeldiana” courtesy of echoforsberg

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