How to Leverage Partnerships to Increase Residential Interiorscape Sales

High-end residential interiorscaping is becoming more popular and capitalizing on this market can significantly increase your overall sales.

While finding contacts for commercial clientele can be as simple as looking in the phone book or Googling local businesses, it can be difficult to connect with potential high-end residential clients if you don’t have a solid plan in place.

According to New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals. You may be wondering what you can do to increase those valuable referrals. Partnering with businesses that are already successfully marketing to home owners is a good place to start. Businesses that regularly connect with residential clients can quickly link your business to a broader market.

Profitable Partnerships

Most homeowners that will be interested in interiorscaping services will also utilize other high-end services. Interior design and lawn care are just two of complementary services that may appeal to the affluent homeowner. Partnering with these types of companies can help you get in front of this wealthy residential market. Real Estate agents that specialize in the luxury home market will also make great business partners. Many of these agents work with affluent buyers and sellers of large estates. Whether they are working with buyers looking to beautify a new home or sellers looking to stage their home to obtain maximum value, the aesthetics of plant installation and plant maintenance can play an important role.


Because a business partner’s reputation can reflect back to you and your business, they should only be pursued after doing a bit of research. You will want to know that your business partners offer quality services and an excellent customer experience. Before reaching out to a potential partner, check out their reviews on websites such as Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Assess what kind of marketing strategies they using by following them on Twitter, looking up their Facebook page, and browsing their website.  You should expect that a potential business partner will also do their due diligence and check up on your business.


Tropical Living Room by Scottsdale Interior Designers & Decorators Ownby Design

While you may be tempted to cold call potential partners, this approach is often looked upon as tactical and non-genuine. Start by first engaging these individuals and businesses via social media. Take part in relevant conversations, provide valuable insights, and show you support thoughts or articles they post by sharing or retweeting them. Prove your value up-front before diving into a business proposition. Putting in the extra time and effort beforehand not only gives you an idea of how your potential partner communicates with the public, but your later attempts to pitch your partnership idea will be better received.

When you finally feel comfortable enough to reach out to a potential partner, be clear about the value you will add to their business. A partnership must be a collaboration and add value for both parties in order to be successful. Be sure to set expectations as business partnerships can vary in extent and complexity. They can be as simple as agreeing to refer clients to one another’s businesses, sharing content on social media, and / or displaying business cards in a physical location. They can become as complex as offering special deals or providing unique, specialized packages to referred clients. Make sure both you and your new strategic partner are on the same page so no one is left disappointed.


Business partnerships can be excellent growth opportunities. They enable small and large businesses alike to penetrate new markets. Because many people utilize professional services that are recommended by a trusted friend or business, these strategic partnerships can give your interiorscape business the competitive edge it needs broaden your customer base.

What business partnerships have you found to be beneficial? What other strategies have you employed to connect with residential clients?



Featured image: Contemporary Bedroom Pheonix by Ownby Design

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