How to Grow Your Business by Using Testimonials

If you want to win new clients to your interiorscape business, you must first win their trust. There is one surefire way to win a new client’s trust: testimonials.

A testimonial is someone’s story about your service. It is their statement about their satisfaction with your indoor arrangements, business practices, and quality of service.

Why Testimonials?

The reason testimonials are important is because potential clients want to know that others are confident in your work. You can tell a potential client your indoor landscaping service is dependable, creative, flexible and the list goes on, but the client knows you want their business. A former or current client has no other incentive for touting your work other than they are truly satisfied with what you have done. These sorts of statements speak clearly to potential clients.

Marketing With Testimonials

So how do you use a testimonial? That depends on your marketing strategies. The very first step is to gather testimonials. Ask a few customers to write something about their experience with you. It can be as short as a simple sentence or a paragraph or two. However, the shorter it is the easier it is for the client to write and the potential client to read. Once you have collected several statements and have permission to use the statements along with the names of clients providing the statements you can begin to use them in your marketing strategy. Permission to use names is important because an anonymous testimony doesn’t carry much weight.

If you have a Facebook page ask your clients to write their statement on your wall. Encourage a client to write a guest post on your blog or post several testimonials there.  Include a page on your website with testimonials or post a few short testimonials on your home page. If you mail fliers or advertisements use one or two statements on the ad. If you are making direct contact have a page in your portfolio that includes testimonies.

In large cities or metro areas, review websites such as may be helpful. They can boost your search engine ranking and give customers a platform for praising your work. A potential client looking for an interiorscape business online is more likely to call one that has people reviewing it positively. Be aware that such websites can backfire. People can write negative comments as well as positive comments. Simply respond appropriately addressing the problem without being defensive and encourage satisfied clients to respond as well.


It is also a good idea to have a few references on hand. Ask a few clients that you work for and trust, if they would mind you giving their contact information to potential clients. That way a client can discuss your services first hand with third party. It is again important that you get permission to offer names and phone numbers. A current client may not appreciate a surprise phone call.

Testimonials and references can speak volumes about your interiorscape business’ work. They will set a client’s mind at ease and they will feel more confident paying for your services. This is all the more reason to make sure every client is pleased with your work and to use customer satisfaction to earn more business. How do you use testimonials in your interior landscaping  marketing strategy?

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