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As a professional in the interiorscaping business it is important to have ready at hand the best sources of information as you plan your plantscapes and interior arrangements. There are all kinds of valuable resources available to you. You most likely have an extensive collection of resources in your library.  We’ve discussed in the past three published resources,  but there are also many free resources on the Internet.

University Extension Services

One source of online information is through cooporative extension websites. Many universities have extension services that convey university research to the broader public. Often these extension services have horticultural information. There is one website from Texas A&M that is particularly focused on interior plants.

Maybe you have been looking for the plant that is the perfect height or just the right shade of green or a particular shape of leaf or just the right size to fit in the perfect container, but you can’t quite visualize what you want. The Texas A&M extension website has an extensive photo collection of interior plants.  The collection contains twelve pages of photos of  individual plants used in interiorscaping.  When you click on a picture,  information is provided for each indoor plant. The information includes height, width, heat tolerance, water requirements and more. The information provides everything you need to choose appropriate plants for your sites and containers.

The LSU Ag Centerwebsite has a helpful pdf publication with information on hanging baskets. The information included in the publication discusses watering techniques, pest control, lists of appropriate plants for hanging baskets and tips for planting and filling the baskets.

The Penn State extension service has a disease fact sheets for various indoor plants. If you are having trouble diagnosing or managing diseases you can look up each fact sheet by plant. The information includes symptoms, management and information about chemicals that can be used to combat the disease.

Also, as you are browsing the Internet for helpful information don’t forget to stop by is a forum sponsored by NewPro Containers. There you can seek the advice and knowledge of other professionals in the field of indoor landscaping.

Share your favorite resources

There are many resources availble on the internet. It takes time and effort to find them all, but once you do, they are essential to helping you run your business.  Be sure and bookmark the resources that are valuable so that you can return to them quickly.

Now, you have an opportunity to help others in your field and gain some new knowledge also.  What have you found on the internet that has been helpful to your business? What resources do you most often turn to for inspiration and information?  Share your helpful links with others in the comments below, so that everyone can have a greater pool of reliable resources.

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