Versatile Quadrangle Rectangle Fits Securely on Partition Walls [VIDEO]

Interiorscapers rely heavily on rectangular planters. So, naturally, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, right? They don’t.

Fred Scott, NewPro’s vice president and a 20-year industry veteran, listened to specific design ideas from Interiorscapers across the country who needed a rectangular planter that “had some design thinking go into it.”

Fred took suggestions from Interiorscapers and designed the Quadrangle Rectangular Planter that features rounded corners and a tapered base. It’s made from a poly material that resists smudges and scratches and comes in five colors (black, espresso, charcoal, silver and pearl beige). “But there are two features that make it unlike any other rectangle planter out there,” Fred said. “Its dimensions allow it to house three of the taller six inch grow pots, and the ability to securely mount it with brackets.”

Interiorscapers may place Neanthe Bellas in the Quadrangle and install it in a busy conference room. Aglaonema or ZZ plants also work well in Quadrangles that are placed in a window ledge or on the top of a cubicle. “The Quadrangles are going to be used on top of petitions in an office where floor room is limited. They are a great way to provide plants in areas that a floor plant would be in the way of traffic,” said longtime NewPro customer Meg Goodwin of Botanical Environments, Inc. “I’ll be planting six-inch Golden Pothos in them. The Quadrangles are pleasing to the eye with the curved corners.”

As Fred himself demonstrates in the video below, adjustable acrylic brackets clamp atop many different shapes and sizes of cubicles or partition walls. With the brackets secured, the Quadrangle simply slides into the brackets upward-facing tabs.

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