Introducing ‘ProScape’ a new resource for Interiorscapers

Welcome to “ProScape” the NewPro Corporation blog. My name is Mike Magan, a longtime writer and blogger, as well as a (new) NewPro employee. I was asked to create an area that serves as a reliable destination for our customers – interiorscapers – to better understand how our products can add value to their practice.

ProScape is not a blog disguised as a marketing vehicle for our products. The idea here is to introduce you to the people behind NewPro who for years have been answering your questions and providing advice to new and long-time customers.

Many of you already know our customer service veterans, Prish and Tamara, who help over the phone with your orders and product questions. This space will also introduce you to experts in the interiorscape industry who have insights into plant care, design ideas and business trends.

One of those experts is our own Fred Scott, vice president, a 20-year industry veteran. Before joining NewPro, he served as purchaser and managed installations at one of the largest exterior and interior landscape supply companies in the US. He already answers dozens of your questions each week so you can use our products to better serve your clients.

On Fridays, Fred will answer questions interiorscapers have submitted to him as well as discuss issues and hot topics in the Indoor Landscaping Trade. Whether you’re a veteran, or new to the industry, there’s always something new to learn.

I want to introduce, and in some instances re-introduce you to NewPro, a manufacturer, importer, and wholesale distributor of indoor plant containers. For 20 years we have served interiorscapers, nationally and internationally. In that time we have established ourselves as a friend and partner to thousands in the industry because of three unique things:

  1. The largest and most diverse selection of interiorscape products in one location
  2. Low prices everyday that include the cost of freight so you know EXACTLY the amount you’ll be charged BEFORE you pay for it.*
  3. Same-day shipping – the product you order will leave our Indianapolis warehouse in one business day. We offer a wide variety of in-stock products to insure the items you need to do the job are available – and shipped to you – on time.

After all, your success is our success. Look at it this way, if this blog helps you do your job, you will likely seek our help and possibly our products. Since we enjoy creating and developing quality interior and exterior plant products to pass on to you, we want to hear from you. Leave or post ideas or feedback in the comments section below or shoot me an e-mail to mikem (at) . Of course you are welcome to call me at 800-869-9285. Your interaction is appreciated and encouraged!

*does not apply to Gainey Products

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