Your 5 Favorite Fiberglass Planters of 2020

Over the past year, our clients have enjoyed a number of shaped fiberglass planters. Our wide variety of inventory spans rectangles, squares, round planters and abstract silhouettes. However, these five fiberglass planters made the top of the list as customer favorites.


The classic rectangular shape of the Potsdam paired with its almost 3 foot tall height provides a versatile foundation for plant designs. Perfect for creating space and social distancing solutions, this planter was made for long term use. Available in three lengths—36 inches, 48 inches and 72 inches—and a width of 16 inches, it offers a solid base for stunning accents.


Create stunning designs with the adaptable Montroy. Available in 11 size options ranging from 12-60 inches, this cube fiberglass planter fits nearly any needed dimensions for your space. Give plant designs a modern and symmetrical flair with the Montroy as a perfect accent.


At 2 feet tall, the Tolga offers a foundation for modern and transitional design layouts. Two sizes — 36” x 16” x 24” and 48 x 16” x 24” — plus a variety of finishes extends the possibilities for customization of interior and exterior spaces. Use in pairs or as an accent piece for dynamic layouts.


One of the largest round planter options, the Wannsee adds impact to interior and exterior areas. The spacious planter is available in widths ranging from 33 inches to 44 inches, allowing it to easily accommodate larger trees and plants. With 20+ color options, the Wannsee can be customized for nearly any space.


With its tall and narrow dimensions, the Amesbury rectangle planter provides nearly 3 feet of height that takes it beyond the ordinary planter box. Its width of 10 inches and varying lengths means this planter can fit in more modest and narrow spaces.

Allison is a budding plant person looking to share what she learns from horticulture and other subject matter experts. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Anderson University and is a SEO and Outreach Specialist at NewPro Containers. Her experience in PR and marketing has given her the skills to distill key facts and advice clearly and concisely across various platforms and mediums. When she is not researching new plants to add to her growing collection, she enjoys going on motorcycle rides and watching road-trip movies.

Fiberglass Planters

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