Asian Fiberglass Planters

Asian Fiberglass Planters

Our Asian Fiberglass Collection features several variations of the timeless fishbowl planter. These containers have been stretched, squeezed, elongated, and reshaped to form unique oriental inspired silhouettes. Available in a vast array of shapes, sizes, and colors, these containers are perfect for any indoor landscape design.

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More About Asian Fiberglass

  1. The Asian Fiberglass Collection offers the elegant look of fiberlass at a more affordable, cost-effecient price. These planters allow you to create beautiful plant displays on a budget.

  2. These planters present a traditional alternative to ceramic pots at a much lighter weight saving you time and energy on installations.

  3. Cleverly designed to fit traditional grow pot sizes, the Asian Fiberglass containers make maintenance and changing out plants a breeze.