Ceramic Planters

Ceramic pots are great way to add sophistication to any interior or exterior landscape design. NewPro inventories a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Still can't find what you need? We also have custom order options available.

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The Dirt on Ceramic Planters

  1. Ceramic pots are great for larger plants. As your plant grows in size, it can get top heavy. The heavier weight of ceramic can counter the additional weight and make it less likely to fall over.

  2. Most ceramic containers do not have drainage holes, so you can't plant directly into them. If you using these planters in outdoor landscapes, you may want to consider a special order complete with pre-drilled drainage holes.

  3. Work in an area that experiences extremely weather fluctuations? Good news! Urban Garden Accents pots won't crack in the winter or fade in the harsh summer sun.