No-Hole Liners with Foam Inserts

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No-Hole Liners with Foam Inserts Zoom


Increase plant life and decrease your workload with the use of a No-Hole liner with foam insert. This system wraps your plant's rootball in a .25" thick piece of foam that is inserted into a water-tight, No-Hole liner. The plant liner is then placed inside a decorative plant container for a finished look requiring less maintenance. 

How to use the Foam Insert

Insert the foam into the No-Hole liner. When installed properly, the foam will hug the inner wall and bottom of the plant liner. Remove your plant from its grow pot and place it inside the foam insert. The plant's roots will grow and seek the oxygen exchange that occurs within the foam. Moisture trapped in the foam from watering will also be pulled out by the plant's root which allows for a less frequent watering schedule.



6.75" Dia x 5.5" H
Grow pot size: 6"
15.5" Dia x 12.75" H
Grow pot size: 14"
9.5" Dia x 9.25" H
Grow pot size: 8"
19.5" Dia x 15.25" H
Grow pot size: 17"
11" Dia x 9.5" H
Grow pot size: 10"

*Grow pot size is a reference for recommended plant size only. Use of a grow pot within this product is not recommended

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