Cross Risers Self-Watering Systems

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Size: Three sizes available
***A practical and economical sub-irrigation system***

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Plants thrive with the use of a Cross Risers self-watering system. Bottom watering allows essential air pockets to be retained. When used properly, the Cross Risers system delivers the perfect amount of water to your plant's roots without suppressing air flow.

How to use Cross Risers

Insert your wick (sold separately) into the grow pot. Assemble your Cross Risers in the bottom of a water tight plant container. Place your grow pot onto the assembled unit. Cross Risers create a reservoir for water at the base of your container. The end of the wick is sub-merged in this water allowing moisture to be "wicked" up to the plant's roots as needed.


  • No hidden tubes to fill

  • A practical and economical sub-irrigation system



5.5" L x 1" H
11" L x 1.5" H
11" L x 1" H

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